5 Best Ways To Deal With Skin Pigmentation

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5 Best Ways To Deal With Skin Pigmentation

5 best ways to deal with skin pigmentation. The assurance of Pigmentation is a common problem nowadays and it becomes worse with time. Excessive melanin production causes pigmentation and dark brown spots start appearing on the surface of the skin.

Mostly skin pigmentation is the reason for too much exposure to the sun. Apart from the sun rays unhealthy foods, liver problems, and indigestion also contribute a lot to damaging the skin. With the best treatment for pigmentation on face, it is also necessary to avoid these above-mentioned things to keep you safe from further damage.

First of all, to deal with skin pigmentation you need to consult a skin care physician who will suggest you the best-medicated cream for freckles in Pakistan and also switch to some of the best home remedies to get rid of the skin pigmentation.

Using pigmentation removal creams with chemicals is not a good idea. So best is to start with home remedies to remove skin pigmentation. But You can use good quality and branded pigmentation removal creams in Pakistan as well.

Here we have selected the 5 Best Ways To Deal With Skin Pigmentation:

Lemon juice:

You need to have a few tablespoons of lemon juice and mix it with some water. You can apply this lemon juice with the help of a cotton ball on the affected area twice daily. Lemon has bleaching properties which helps to clear the skin fast. Within six to eight weeks you will feel your skin starts getting rid of pigmentation.

In the same way, you can use the onion juice if you feel the lemon juice is harsh for your skin because lemon and onion have the same acidity.

Do not apply lemon juice and onion juice if you have too much sensitive, and acne-oriented skin.

Aloe Vera Gel:

You can also apply the aloe vera gel as it soothes the sunburned skin. Make slices of aloe vera place in the refrigerator and apply them before going to bed. Leave it overnight and wash it away in the morning.

Olive Oil:

You can also get rid of skin pigmentation by applying olive oil. Olive oil also has nourishing properties it not only deals with the issue but also offers soft and supple skin.

Apply olive oil on the face and clean it with lukewarm water by dipping a cloth in it. You can also add lemon juice in olive oil to apply to the affected area.

Castor Oil:

If you have dry and crackly pigmentation patches on the skin you can massage it with castor oil twice daily.

Vitamins C:

Vitamin C is beneficial in repairing damaged skin tissues and deals with the free radical issue. So use Vitamin C-oriented foods daily to repair healthy skin from inside the outside. You can also apply good quality Vitamin C serums on the face to make it flawless.

Best Ways To Avoid Harmful Sun Rays/hyperpigmentation treatment

Sun rays cause many skin problems including wrinkles, pigmentation, and dark spots. Sun rays not only accelerate the signs of early ageing but also increase the risk of cancer.

Those women who keep themselves safe from the harmful sun’s rays, their skin looks quite younger than their age. To keep skin younger looking healthy foods and skincare is very much essential.

Here we have described 5 best ways to avoid harmful sun rays and deal with skin pigmentation; the methods are as follows;

Use Sunscreen to Avoid Harmful Sun Rays:

The use of good quality sunscreen is required to save the skin from harmful sun rays. You can select a branded and good-quality sunscreen with both ultra-white A and B. Always use sunscreen 20 minutes before going out in the sun.

You can select good quality sunscreen with at least 30 SPFs. People with oily and dry skin can select the sunscreen as per their skin type.

Use an Umbrella or Hat:

On hot summer days, sunscreen is not enough to wear and go out. You also need an umbrella or hat with you to avoid direct sun rays on the skin. Therefore the use of an umbrella or hat is as important as sunscreen for skin protection.

Cover the body before going out:

In hot summer or sunny days, it is very much essential for you to cover your full body to avoid direct sun rays on the skin. Try to wear full-sleeve shirts, gloves and socks to avoid skin exposure. It is best to wear light colors instead of wearing bright and sharp colors attire because light colors emit fewer sun rays.

Limit your outdoor activities:

Try to limit your outdoor activities from 10 am to 2 pm because during this time the ultra violates rays at peak. If you need to go out during this time you must use an umbrella.

Treatment of sun damage:

If you have to go out in the sun without protection, you are likely to spoil your skin. The below-mentioned ways will quickly help you to heal your sun-damaged skin.

When return wash your face repeatedly with cold water.

Massage the Aleo Vera gel on the sun-damaged skin for a few minutes let it stay for 20 minutes and wash it away.

You can also use good quality pure rose water and try to avoid going again in the sun for at least the next 24 hours.

Last but not least the skin lightening creams are also ideal to get rid of sun-damaged skin.

Homemade Sunburn Healing Cream Recipe

Today we will tell you how to make sunburn cream at home. It is a very much-affected sunburn healing cream that not only heals the pain itchy skin and dark spots but also makes your skin smooth and clear. Its use is too good for dry and flack skin. It’s a natural and homemade sunburn healing cream containing natural and chemical-free ingredients.

Ingredients for making Homemade Sunburn Healing Cream:

  • Shea butter 1 cup
  • Lavender oil one teaspoon
  • Aloe vera Gel 2 tablespoon
  • Vitamin E oil two tablespoon
  • Tea tree oil 1 tablespoon


Melt the Shea butter in a double boiler and after melting it put off the flame. Now add lavender oil, Aloe Vera gel, Vitamin E oil, and Tea Tree oil and mix well until the mixture gets thick. Now store the Homemade Sunburn Healing Cream in the jar and use it daily.

Some methods/best treatment for pigmentation on the face

  • Avoid too much exposure to the sun.
  • Use a good quality sunscreen cream and lotion before going out.
  • Use sunglasses and hats to avoid direct sunlight on the face.
  • Drink plenty of water throughout the day.
  • Switch to healthy food and lifestyle.
  • Do exercise daily and get proper sleep.

Home Remedies To Remove Sun Tan

Nowadays summer is at its peak. Its hot air and sun rays cause the blackening of the skin and body. Usually sun tan happens when we stay in the sun for a long period of time. Suntan on the face, hand and foot makes you look unattractive.

To get rid of suntan you use lots of chemical-oriented creams that result in vain and cause serious damage to the skin.
Excessive exposure to the sun increases the melanin level which results in darkening the exposed areas of the skin. Our face, neck, hands, and feet usually become the target of suntan.

The ultra-violate rays of the sun cause many other skin problems such as pimples, acne, hyperpigmentation, dark skin, wrinkles, etc.
Today we will tell you how to avoid suntan by using amazing home remedies to apply at home. The home remedies for sun tanning are very effective and you can find instant results by practicing them.

I hope these tips will be beneficial for you to get rid of skin pigmentation. For more tips regarding flawless skin stay in touch.

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