An Egg A Day Keeps Your Health Problems Away

Sumera Saeed

An Egg A Day Keeps Your Health Problems Away

The use of egg on daily basis is very good for your health. But unfortunately, it is considered that if you eat egg daily it will increase your cholesterol level which leads to heart diseases. Today you will find that the use of eggs is very much essential for ours body health and there is no study which proved that the consumption of egg on daily basis leads to heart disease.

On the other hand a number of studies have found that if a person does not eat egg in his/her daily diet he/she more apt to be the pray of diabetes and heart disease.

Eggs are the rich source of Protein and Choline. It contains Vitamin A, B, E, and D, iodine, phosphorus and antioxidants.

The essentials nutrition found in eggs are very much helpful for getting rid of health problems. Use of egg on daily basis helps to get rid of heart problem and offers essential growth and development of body. It protects our bones and teeth and also offers shelter form certain cancers. Its antioxidants and Vitamin A protects our eyes. So there is no need to stay away from eggs. If you want to keep yourself healthy and active must consume at least one egg in your breakfast daily.


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