10 Best Halal Nail Polish Brands You Can Apply and Offer Prayer

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10 Best Halal Nail Polish Brands You Can Apply and Offer Prayer

All about halal nail polish in Pakistan, breathable nail polish in Pakistan, USA, and other countries of the world for all those who are having the craze of applying nail polish and at the same time want to pray.

Hello, girls today in this article you will find about the breathable nail polish in pakistan and their brands that are offering purely halal nail polishes so you need not worry about your worship. The good news for Muslim and non-Muslim girls is that these halal nail polishes are easily available to purchase in Pakistan.  All the ingredients involved in the preparation are Halal and the most important thing about them is that Muslim women keep their manicures with their ‘wudhu’ because these nail polishes allow water and moisture to infuse through the nail.

Furthermore, the ingredients in these halal nail polishes are organic that which ensures your nails remain healthy.

So girls check out these 10 halal nail polish brands that are very much popular among Muslim and non-Muslim women.

1. 786 Cosmetics

On the other hand, the 786 cosmetics are also providing halal and vegan cosmetics that are toxin and animal content free. It’s an extremely affordable breathable nail polish in Pakistan with a wide range of colors available in halal nail polishes that last from seven to 10 days.

2. Nailberry

This is an award-winning UK-based brand that is making the products by keeping in mind the pure and natural ingredients. All the ingredients used in making the halal nail polishes are also cruelty-free and long-lasting.  

3. Orly Breathable Nail Polish in Pakistan

The ORLY’s Halal Polish by an American beauty brand claims that their nail polish is prayer friendly and water permeable and can be removed during Ablution (Wudhu). Formulated with argan oil,  pro-vitamin B5, and vitamin C. The nail polish is known as #HalalPaint is developed with purely halal ingredients.

4. Inglot

Inglot cosmetics brand is the one that first starts producing halal nail polishes. It is very much famous among Muslim women. This cosmetic brand is offering a wide range of makeup products including lip, eyes, face, and body products. All the products by Inglot extremely favorite of all girls especially the nail polishes are long-lasting and dries quickly after application.

5. Vivre Breathe Cosmetics

Vivre Cosmetics has a wide range of colors in breathable nail polish in Pakistan that are cruelty-free and paraben-free. Made in the USA all the nail polishes are halal and cruelty-free.


6. Zahara Cosmetics

Zahara is a famous Singaporean cosmetic brand with a number of pure products including an eyeshadow palette and breathable nail polishes for women who want to use pure products. Furthermore, you can also use nail paint remover by Zahara cosmetics which is both alcohol and acetone-free.

7. Tuesday in Love

Their line of nail polishes is halal as its name suggests. The halal nail polishes by Tuesday in Love are certified vegan and cruelty-free. Furthermore, this brand’s nail polishes are certified by ISNA Canada for ingredients and water permeability.

8. Maya Cosmetics

This is an outstanding brand because all the nail polishes are halal and let the water permeability during the Wudhu. Apart from halal nail polishes, this brand has also a wide range of glitter and metallic nail polishes.

9. LYN

LYN is one of the first few halal-certified nail polishes’ brans in the Middle East which reflects its mission in allowing women everywhere to love their nails. The halal nail polishes by LYN are specially made for Muslim women who want to pray even after applying nail polish.

10. LACC

This brand is manufactured by the Iranian-American entrepreneur who wanted Muslim women to use halal nail polishes at the same time to fulfill their religious duties. LACC is producing high-quality products that are cruelty-free and also chemical-free.

Furthermore, the breathable nail polishes formulation also has UV protection properties and is long-lasting.

On the whole, it can be said that the halal nail polishes in Pakistan are friendly products made with pure and halal ingredients and are very much popular among Muslim women across the world.

The Breathable nail polishes do not contain toxins and other harmful chemicals. So, you are always definite high-quality products with halal ingredients.

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