How to Lose Weight Fast in 2 Weeks?

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How to Lose Weight Fast in 2 Weeks?

All about how to lose weight fast in 2 Weeks with the healthy weight loss tips. The majority of people are worried about the rapid increase in their weight. They want to get rid of their de-shaped bodies and want to look handsome and smart.

Excessive weight may cause many diseases like diabetes, blood pleasure, respiratory problems which lead to heart problems. There are many reasons for increasing weight but the most common reasons are our modern lifestyle which is getting us away from nature, lack of physical activities, the use of fast food and junk food is common in children and adults.

For the solution to this problem, some people use herbal medicine and some contact with slimming clinics but it may not be affordable for everyone.So here we will discuss some healthy tips about reducing weight in ways. But people suffering from diabetes, blood pressure, and heart and respiratory problems should consult their doctors first.

In this article, we will discuss some easy and handy and “healthy weight loss tips” for those who are tired of obesity and want to burn their calories fast. Now a day both men and women are facing obesity which is not good and also leads to a number of health problems. People easily gain weight but to lose it is very difficult and bit hard.

Obesity causes lots of health problems like cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart disease, joint pain, gallbladder problem, digestive problems and many cancers like colon cancer, breast cancer and uterine cancer.

Fatness is a serious disease and should be handling at times with proper care. Obsess people have an increased risk of death as compared to normal-weight people.

But obese people don’t need to worry now because we are going to share some effective weight loss tips. The below-mentioned tips are very much effective and by practicing on them you can surely shed your extra calories with in few weeks. You can also get rid of many health problems.

Lose weight fast in 2 Weeks with the healthy weight loss tips

1: Use of water     

You must drink fresh and clean water at least, 12 to16 glasses in a day. When you get up after taking complete sleep you should adopt the habit to drink at least two glass of water almost an hour before breakfast. Water helps to exit toxic matters from body. Water is the element 70percent of our body made up of. It is helpful to get rid of constipation.

2: Do Exercise

Secondly, you should take exercise for at least half an hour a day. It is better to do it in the morning before breakfast and after drinking water. Morning time is four-time useful than doing exercise at any other time of the day. This habit will give you a fast result.

3: Use Honey and Lemon

If you want to reduce belly and chest fat in a quick way, use honey or lemon or both at a time in Luke warm water daily before taking breakfast. Honey and lemon contain acids that help your body to burn fats quickly. It provides your body necessary vitamins and minerals which are helpful for the freshness of your skin. Remember to use only organic honey other it will be useless.

4: Plan your Diet

Above mentioned strategy is helpful only when you avoid foods and drinks that contain sugar and fats e.g. fried diets, cola drinks, butter, cheese etc. Do not eat belly full. Take short meals when you feel hunger. Use fiber containing foods. Drink water half an hour before meal and almost an hour after it. Chew it properly and slowly before you swallow it because it keeps your stomach comfortable, reduces its size and saves you from indigestion.

5: Release Depression

Depression also indirectly sometimes increases your weight. You should try to release it by doing some spiritual exercises like yoga. Believers can do their religious worships for the satisfaction of the mind. It is useful for the better efficiency of mind and heart. It keeps balance in the working of all senses organs and inner organs of the body. Because a man is not only a body structure likes a machine as well as a combination of body and soul. So, be firm spiritually too.

Moreover, you need not to spend too much time and money on weight loss because all the ingredients are available in the cabinet of your kitchen.

Here is herbal tea recipe for healthy weight loss


  • Green Tea 1 tablespoon
  • Cinnamon stick one
  • Cardamom one
  • Licorice (Mulethi) one stick
  • Black Cumin Seeds (Kalonji)
  • Clove 2
  • Ginger one piece
  • Garlic one piece
  • Mint leaves 5 to 6
  • Water two cups


Boil water with all the above-mentioned ingredients for 10 minutes at low flame with a lid on the pan. Now when water remains one cup put off the flame and pours the tea in cup and sip slowly.  Use this herbal tea daily two to three times for one month regularly.

Drinks for fast weight Loss

There are many ways to lose weight but most of them are hard and make you stay hungry which can also lead to health problems. In elder, obeseness can lead to depression, heart attack, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and other long-lasting diseases. There are lots of factors that involve making you obese. Your environment, the food you used to eat and your genes, etc. count a lot.

Detox water for  Lose Weight Fast in 2 Weeks

Not everyone with obesity has to face the above-mentioned health problem. The problems can occur and may be severed if you have a family history of one of those conditions.

Now you don’t need to worry about it, forgot about your obesity, because you no more need to do heavy exercise, quit food and use costly medicine. According to experts, you can lose your weight only with the help of water in a specific time.

The experts said, according to the British newspaper Daily Mail, obese people can reduce their weight by drinking half liter of water before taking meal. You can lose your weight in just 12 weeks by using water. Drinking of water before meals may reduce 75 of calories from your body. The water detox diet is very simple and can clean your body more efficiently by removing harmful toxins. But you need to know is; don’t drink too much water in one sitting. Just drink one glass of water in one sitting and repeat it with at least 15 minutes of gap.

If you are addicted to soda, cold drinks and other carbonated drinks replace it with water. Too much use of carbonated drinks can increase the sugar level in the body and cause a number of diseases.

So quit this habit instantly and if you don’t like the taste of water you can use it with few drops of lemon juice.

Water plays an important role to clean your body as it has the ability to remove toxins and fats.


  • Ispaghol husk 2 tablespoon
  • Apple cider vinegar 1 teaspoon
  • Lemon juice 1 teaspoon
  • Mint leaves 5 (crushed)
  • Hot water 1 glass


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Put all the above-mentioned ingredients in the glass off hot water mix well with the help of spoon and drink it on empty stomach daily for a month for getting desired results.

How to make detox water?

You need to have one liter of water in the jug add 3 to 4 slices of grapefruit, cucumber, and lemon in it. Let it sit for two hours in the fridge. Use it on a daily basis to remove toxins.

You can also use fruits detox water. Nowadays the market is full of fresh fruits like strawberries, watermelons, kiwis. You can make the detox water by adding the slices of these fruits in the water. These fruits are rich in Vitamins and minerals. Below are some easy tips and home remedies to get a healthy body:

  • You can also detox your body by eating fiber rich food, like fresh fruits and vegetables. Beets, radishes, chlorella, artichokes, cabbage and broccoli are excellent detoxifying foods.
  • Use Vitamin C rich food that helps to make natural glutathione in the body that removes toxins.
  • Breathe deeply, especially in the morning.
  • Have a glass of water after wake-up in the morning.
  • Also have a glass of water before going to bed at night.
  • Avoid having stress because stress may also be the cause of obesity.

You can lose 10 Pounds in 7 Days with Instant Drinks

Women are very much conscious about their weight; they don’t want to look obese. In order to get a slim and smart figure they do their best, but dieting or hunger is not the solution of losing pounds. Losing your weight you do hard exercise, bear hunger and avoid your favorite food, but you no more need to keep away with your favorite food and done tiresome activities.

Today we will tell you healthy weight loss tips with two instant drinks which will lose you 10 pounds in few days. Sometimes simple drinks work astonishingly in shedding weight. The below-mentioned drinks are not only healthy but also very much effective for losing weight. I suggest you must try it once a week for having result.

Drinks for Losing 10 Pounds with Parsley:


  • A bunch of chopped Parsley
  • 1 big Lemon
  • A glass of water

Put chopped parsley and water in to mixture to shake well. Pour it into the glass and squeeze lemon juice in it. Consume this juice 10 day in the morning in an empty stomach. Its use will help to burn fats and also help to improve digestions system.

After ten days you will see a good result. Continue to drink this juice until you get your desired result.

Drink for losing 10 pounds with Grape Fruit Juice:

  • 1 tbs of Honey
  • 1 Grape Fruit

Put the pulps of grape fruit into mixture add honey and mix until you get a smooth drink. This is a powerful drink in losing weight. You need to consume this drink after 20 minutes of your lunch and dinner. This drink rich in vitamin, minerals not only help you to shed your weight but also helps in getting rid of heart disease and high blood pressure.

Healthy Weight Loss with Fruits and Vegetable Juices

Add Juicing Benefits To Natural, Healthy Weight Loss. Healthy Weight Loss with Fruits and Vegetable Juices. Juicing for weight reduction has such an abundance of body advantages that it is quick supplanting water detox regimens. In the event that a sound eating routine and sustenance program is highest on your rundown of needs, you will soon find that juicing for weight reduction is the ideal choice. To such an extent, that water fasts will ideally slowly be eliminated. Be that as it may, don’t expect the brilliant supplement rich juice spilling out of a vegetable juicer to mysteriously liquefy away the pounds all alone. You will tragically still need to get off that love seat and rev up your digestion system with some type of movement.

Healthy Weight Loss with Fruits and Vegetables Juices

While it will be useful to concentrate on squeezing for regular weight reduction, making juicing for wellbeing your point will soon have the medical advantages stacking up. You have to make a promise to consolidate juicing for weight reduction into a wellbeing style change, a solid, sensible sustenance program you can stick to forever, and new thinking designs. Do this, and you will soon observe an energetic, svelte, sure, and cheerful self in the mirror.

Squeezing For Weight Loss Complements Any Healthy Nutrition Plan

The greatest in addition to of a juicing for get-healthy plan is that it includes significant, bio-accessible miniaturized scale supplements with an abundance of medical advantages at an insignificant calorie cost, with no dietary fat. You will down very focused wellbeing mixed drinks overflowing with every one of the compounds, vitamins, and minerals vital for essentials and a solid resistant framework. This encourages ideal working of all your body frameworks.

Buyers are exceptionally mindful of the symptoms of craving suppressants, yet regularly feel that they have no other alternative. New vegetable juice goes about as a solid, safe hunger suppressant and desiring curber, and is accordingly without equivalent in an eating regimen and nourishment program. By squeezing for weight reduction, you can choose a glass of crisp squeeze before your principle supper, and experience quickly lessening hunger.

Vegetable juice can likewise assume an imperative part in balancing out glucose levels, a crucial consider sustenance and great wellbeing. The sugar rate is much lower than that of natural product juices and the calorie tally is up to half less, yet the juice prevails with regards to fulfilling a sweet tooth without fail. This makes juicing for weight reduction a flat out delight. Explore different avenues regarding carrot or a mix of carrot and parsley juice when a desire hits you, and the juice jar will give it a thump out before you know it! Simply don’t focus a lot on sugar-loaded organic products all the while.

Squeezing For Weight Loss – Tips For A Trimmed-Down Lifestyle

In the event that you have more than a couple pounds to drop, you might need to consider kick-beginning the procedure with a short juice quick. While a water quick frequently depletes vitality, juicing for weight reduction can possibly give you a vitality infusion. It additionally gets every one of the frameworks clear and working ideally, guaranteeing that your body is in the best shape to shed the additional weight.

Assortment is the flavour of life. This additionally remains constant when juicing for weight reduction. You need to utilize veggies and products of each shading, turning the various types continually keeping in mind the end goal to extricate an assorted scope of supplements. By juicing for weight reduction, you guarantee that your body still has entry to every one of the calories it requirements for imperativeness and vitality.

In the event that you like to begin with an adjusted, sustenance rich eating arrangement, you will find that having no less than one glass of vegetable juice every day will make it simpler to achieve your weight reduction objectives over the long haul. Crisp juice additionally turns into a phenomenal apparatus in your weight upkeep try later on.

When you had an essence of the advantages of squeezing for weight reduction, you will likely not be enticed to fall over into ‘the old ways’. You will experience such an upgraded feeling of prosperity, that it will be anything but difficult to keep up the juicing schedule.

Juicing for weight reduction additionally supplies your body with the concentrated supplements it needs to deal with any disease all the more successfully. It likewise helps your invulnerable framework, and mitigates the assimilation. You can without much of a stretch deal with water maintenance, by juicing a flavorful mix of celery, cucumber, cranberry, and watermelon.

Slim Down Treat Recipe:

5 carrots

1 apple

1/2 cucumber

1/2 beet

1 rib celery

Run the vegetables through your juicer in any grouping you wish.

Include a touch of crisp ginger, on the off chance that you incline toward a juice with more nibble.

Recollect that: It is not an eating regimen! It’s a delicious lifestyle!

Some effective daily routine tips for weight loss instantly

  • Don’t not consume add sugar and fatty food.
  • Use cereals and fiber oriented food in your breakfast.
  • Eat yogurt in breakfast with whole wheat bread.
  • Exercise daily for 30 minutes in the morning.
  • Walk for 30 minutes after having dinner.
  • Don’t not consume too much-chilled water.
  • Use lukewarm water before half an hour of meal.
  • Don’t drink water after having meal.
  • Eat fresh fruits and vegetables daily.
  • Avoid having juices as they contain lots of sugar.
  • Don’t drink full cream milk instead use skimmed milk.
  • Drink lots of plain water during the whole day.
  • Don’t keep on taking your meals, wait until your stomach rumbles for food.
  • Eat your meal at home.
  • Don’t consume junk food
  • Cut your alcohol and smoking intake.
  • Don’t eat large meal.
  • Avoid white rice and white flour.
  • Eat handful of nuts in the snack time.
  • Keep yourself neat, clean and hygienic.
  • Brush your teeth regularly after every meal especially after having dinner.

Healthy Weight Loss Tips in Urdu

Today you will find here best herbal weight loss tips in Urdu. Here are some easy and handy weight loss tips in Urdu for those who are tired of obesity and excessive weight and seriously want to burn their fat.

Now a day both men and women are becoming overweight which is not good and also leads to a number of health problems including cholesterol, joint pain, gallbladder problem, digestive problems, high blood pressure, heart disease, and many cancers like colon cancer, breast cancer and uterine cancer. People easily gain weight but to lose it is very difficult to lose it.

Now no more worry people with overweight can shed it easy by practicing on the weight loss tips in Urdu. The below-mentioned weight loss tips in Urdu are very much effective and by practicing on them you can surely get rid of obesity within few weeks.

You can also get rid of many health problems by practicing on the below-mentioned weight loss tips in Urdu. You can also read the healthy weight loss tips in English by clicking below;

Furthermore, you need not spend too much time and money on weight loss because all the ingredients are available in your kitchen.

So the following are some healthy weight loss tips in Urdu.

Healthy weight Loss Tips

Healthy weight Loss Tips

Healthy weight Loss Tips

Healthy weight Loss Tips

Lose your weight fast with Chia Seeds

Everyone who gains weight desires to look smart and attractive but for this hard effort, dedication and stamina is must required thing. Looking smart is like an unfeasible dream, that never becomes part of reality. But now “Chia seed” will make it easy for you to have your target weight with less entail effort. As Chia is a herbal plant that helps in losing weight having no side effects?  It helps in boosting energy level, food craving and gives you a longer work out time with relaxing emotional and physical state.

Lose your weight With Chia Seeds

Chia tea as Weigh Reducing Agent

Methods of using Chia tea:

Grinded Chia Seeds

Chia Seeds can be use in powder form and it will give you more benefits as body can easily absorb Chia seed so grind these seeds and use it with water intake daily 3 times or you can also use this powder with your food like you can use this powder chia on smoothies, soups or even meat that chicken and meat dishes.

Chia Seed juice

Take a glass having chia seed before going on work out or exercise will give you muscle relaxation, energy and helps in lose of weight as body will burn more calories with no fatigue.

Chia seed in Soup

You can use Chia seed powdered form in your soup , the soup will help in making your weight control and will thicken your soup.

Chia seed in Smoothie

You need to lose weigh and want to enjoy smoothie too so stay relax and have it:Mix two cups of milk , a cup of soaked Chia seeds, 3 tablespoons of cocoa powder, a tablespoon of vanilla and a tablespoon of sweeter of your choice now usee blender to blend them until they smoothen and then Put them in a fridge and enjoy a chill smoothie.

No egg in Baking

Use 1 tablespoon of grounded chia seeds with three tablespoons of water per egg in a baked recipe, it will work like egg and will make your baked item free to eat.

Chia seed will help you in reducing weight and staying slim and smart with no more hard workouts. Just have chia seeds in your routine and boost up your energy level.

Top 4 Healthier Weight Loss Pills and Supplements

Weight loss is not an easy task, as daily you are eating different types of unhealthy food such as birthday cakes, donuts and many others that can easily derail a healthy diet. Being obese or over weight can also increase the risk of various health issues like heart diseases and diabetes. Eating the right food & increasing the physical activities are generally the main source of successful weight loss. There are various weight reduction solutions that include; drugs, pills & natural supplements.

These help to reduce weight or make it easier to reduce weight combined with the numerous other methods. People are using weight loss supplements for losing weight fast and in a healthy way. Weight loss pills are normally known as fat burners. Most of the people use weight loss dietary supplements at any point in their lives. With new weight loss medications available in the market people are looking for the supplement that aids the weight loss. These four weight loss supplements work on one or more of following mechanisms:

Reduce Absorption: reduces the absorption of nutrients such as fats; making you take in fewer calories

Reduce Appetite: making you eat fuller so that easily you can eat fewer calories

Increase fat burning: making you burn many calories


Eco Slim [Weight Loss Supplement]

Eco Slim is a natural supplement and best diet pills that have been invented by the most experienced pharmacist. It keeps your weight to a balanced level while providing your body a perfect shape. It reduces your weight quickly and prevents your body from getting overweight for a long time. It helps your metabolic system to function properly. Eco Slim Pills are really popular and easily meets the high standards. Eco Slim is one of the best weight loss supplements in Pakistan that reduces your stubborn fats without any side effects.

Most of the weight loss capsules use chemicals for rapid weight reduction but Eco Slim dietary supplement is different. It reduces your weight from 5-7 kg in one month and provides your body a perfect shape. It is an herbal formulation so it has zero side effects. By using Eco Slim weight loss supplement you start to wonder how effective this product is working. Each bottle of Eco Slim consists of 30 tablets that you can take 1-2 pills per day after meal.

Raspberry Ketone [Slimming Supplement]

Raspberry Ketone is the unique formulation and can be extracted from raspberries. It works on the whole body and starts losing weight within few days. Raspberry Ketone increases the level of energy so that you can easily perform more in less time. It is a popular fat burning supplement that improves your overall health. Raspberry Ketone weight-loss supplement is the only product that is 100% natural and provides your desired results within few days without any side effects.

Raspberry Ketone fat burner increases the ability of fat burning of the body by boosting the metabolism procedure. Because of this procedure fat cells breaks quickly as compared before that results in fast weight loss. Raspberry Ketone dietary supplement helps in strengthens your body’s immune system, prevents from harmful toxins, and also boosts your energy level. The weight reduction you get from Raspberry Ketone can be permanent.

Green World [Slimming Capsules]

Green World Slimming Capsules are the unique formulation that helps to burn the body fat quickly. It boosts the metabolic rate to accelerate the fat burning as a fuel & also the degradation of fat present in your body. Green World Slimming Capsules are the best weight loss product that decreases the calories intake by regulating the food intake, because of its natural floral formula it helps to reduce weight safely & steadily without any single rebound or generation-wrinkles, dual roles in beautification and weight loss.

These herbal slimming capsules help to reduce weight through strengthening the bowel movement, enhancing the digestive system, & accelerating the excretion of fat and toxins. It is the natural and herbal formulation that helps you to reduce your weight safely & steadily by regulating the overall body functions. Green World Slimming Capsules contains no hormones and have zero side effects.

Green World Slimming Capsules helps to burn the stubborn fat & accelerates the rate of metabolism & increases the burning of fat & decreases the intake of the calories by regulating the food intake with its herbal and natural floral formula. Green World Slimming Capsules in Pakistan helps to reduce the weight steadily and safely without any generation & rebound wrinkles and makes you slim and smart body.

Green World Slimming Capsules Ingredients

Original Green World Slimming Capsules consist of following ingredients:

Cassia Seed boosts the weight reduction and is excellent for liver fire

Lotus Leaf decreases the cholesterol and blood Glyceride greatly and accelerates the toxins

Hawthorn is considered to be an active and safe therapy for heart failure as it contains Vitamin C, hawthorn acids, flavonoids that lower the blood lipid level.

Mulberry has bio active elements like Vitamin C, Seleniumans, B-carotene to improve immunity.

Rose decreases the total cholesterol level and systolic blood pressure.

Green World Slimming Capsules Side Effects

Green World Slimming Capsules are the best herbal slimming capsules that have zero side effects. Green World Slimming Capsules are the 7 day weight loss pill.

Slim 24 Pro [Weight Loss Nutrition]

Slim 24 Pro is a perfect meal replacement formulation that fulfills your daily requirements of a perfect and healthy body to sustain the organic life. By using Slim 24 Pro weight loss supplement you not only reduce your weight but also it boosts the immunity and energy level of its user. It is manufactured with high-quality ingredients whereas its key ingredient is “Whey Protein” that makes the whole product safe as this ingredient comes from the vegetarian source.

The overall effect of Slim 24 Pro that is the best weight loss supplement is fast weight loss, fit and healthy body, greater immunity against diseases & the lean attractive muscles in females as well as males. The dietary components of this weight loss supplement are picked carefully, so that it may suit all types of body & activity levels while making this slimming supplement contain all necessary fibers, protein, vitamins, minerals & extremely low fat. This meticulous selection of ingredients not only provides best results but also gives fast & safe results.

Well, these are few tips and tricks for weight loss. Hope you will have benefits. Let us know by commenting below.

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