Health Benefits of Brown (Desi) Eggs


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Health Benefits of Brown (Desi) Eggs

Confirmed health benefits of eating brown (desi) eggs daily for having a fit lifestyle

Health Benefits of  Desi Eggs. Today we tell you how much it is beneficial for your health if you start eating brown eggs on a regular basis. Brown eggs aka Desi eggs are derived from chicken that is only given feed-free food and is bringing-up in the open atmosphere. That is why these brown eggs are rich in essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals.

Why are brown (desi) eggs beneficial?

The food that is given to the desi poultry is not used in the production of medicines and other chemicals, they are not used for hormones, antibiotics and other medicines. This is the reason that desi eggs are cleaned from the harmful chemicals and medicinal effects.

Brown eggs contain a number of health benefits of desi eggs that are mentioned below:

The presence of good fats in desi eggs:

Desi chickens moved freely in the healthy atmosphere of villages and natural polluter forms and get their food from the natural environment and also feed with the healthy meals. As the desi chickens move freely they exercise, grass, plants, and other insects are also included in their diet that increases fatty quality in their eggs. Omega 3 fatty acid is available in these desi eggs. This fatty acid improves mental growth and caring. The presence of fatty acid also protects from diseases such as cancer, heart diseases, and arthritis. In desi eggs, more than twice a fatty acids, one-third of cholesterol, and one-quarter of fatty from white eggs.

Desi eggs rich source of vitamins:

According to research, desi eggs contain seven times more nutrients – proteins, biotin, vitamins, and minerals as compared to white eggs. The vitamins and minerals and especially Vitamin A derived from brown eggs are useful for immune, healthy skin, hair and eyes. The presence of beta carotene is shown by the deep density of depression. Beta carotene makes vitamin A in the body. Beta carotene acts as an anti-oxidant agent and saves us from cancer and heart disease.

Vitamin E is also available in rich source desi eggs, its anti-oxidant keeps your blood and overall health fit.

Other Health benefits of desi eggs:

Eggs are a rich source of protein, iron, vitamin B12, phosphorus and selenium. If you eat a desi egg you can get 6 grams of protein because your skin, muscles, glands and other parts of the body require protein to be healthy. The presence of other healthy minerals and vitamins like amino, Vitamin B and B12 is very beneficial for the health care of your eyes, skin, hair, and nail.

Desi eggs also contain Phosphorus that strengthens bones and teeth while selenium works together with vitamin E.

For having the best benefits of desi eggs:

You can derive more benefits from brown eggs if you eat them in combination with coconut, olive oil, and pure butter. All these things contain fatty acids. You can also use raw eggs because of a number of studies shown that it is more useful than cooked eggs as the cooked egg loses its essentials. Try to cook eggs on low medium heat.

A number of studies have found that if a person does not eat eggs in his/her daily diet he/she more apt to be the prey of diabetes, heart disease, and many others. So start eating eggs as the brown (desi) eggs are highly nutritious so to eat them 3 to five times a week is more than enough.

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