How to Deal with Low Blood Pressure?

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How to Deal with Low Blood Pressure?

Complete guide on how to deal with low blood pressure by using simple home remedies. 

If you have symptoms of lower blood pressure I will recommend you to read this article carefully to get some handful of tips to get rid of it. Low blood pressure (hypotension) has also a need to be cured if you see active symptoms in your body like dizziness fainting, difficulty breathing, blurred vision, palpitations, fatigue, nausea, cold, clammy skin and lightheadedness.

The readings of Low BP regularly remain around 90/60 mm Hg or lower. If your blood pressure remains extremely low it may cause insufficient flow of blood to organs for instance the brain, kidneys and heart. But if you have naturally low BP and it’s not causing any problem then it’s not need essential treatment.

We have mentioned some precautions and home remedies below if you are suffering low BP in your daily life.

  • Avoid standing for a long period of time.
  • Stop using tea at night as it has caffeine which may leads to dehydration.
  • Also cut down the use of alcohol form your daily life.
  • Eat healthy meals on time in small quantity containing whole grains, fruits, vegetables, lean chicken and fish.
  • Have some rest after eating your meal.
  • You should take a large amount of liquid juices or water.
  • You can also add salt in the water but only if you are dealing with low BP.
  • In hot weather you need to increase the intake of water.
  • Don’t need to do heavy work.
  • Avoid staying in the hot weather for a long time.
  • Use much intake of minerals, vitamins and nutritional products.
  • Avoid taking too much intake of carbohydrate food like bread, rice, potatoes, etc.
  • Eat fresh fruits and vegetable salad on daily basis
  • Use Vitamin C in your diet.
  • Use the juice of Basil leaves (Tulsi Leaves)

How to make Basil Leaves Juice for Low BP?


  • 15 to 20 basil leaves
  • One table spoon of honey
  • Half glass of water

Add the ingredients in the mixture and grind to make smooth liquid and drink it empty stomach.

These are some effective home remedies by taking into action you can deal with your blood pressure problems. Mostly few people are prescribed by the physician to intake lower blood pressure medicine. If you want to avoid the low BP hypotension you need to practice on the above-mentioned tips. If you think medication is needed then consult a qualified doctor.

I hope you people will surely have benefits form this health article. Stay tuned for more….

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