This Hair Oil Helps to Grow Long and Thick Hair Fast

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This Hair Oil Helps to Grow Long and Thick Hair Fast

This homemade hair growth oil helps to grow long and thick hair fast. If you are frustrated by using expensive hair oils to grow long and thick hair, this homemade hair oil will help you have the best results within a few weeks.

Everyone wants to have long and thick hair and it’s not easy to grow them fast. Both men and women use expensive hair oils for hair growth but are unable to find better results.

Hair makes you attractive and adds charm to your personality but in any case, if you start losing your hair you should be concerned about it soon. Not paying much attention to hair loss may make you bald.

No doubt hair loss is common in both men and women, but if you lose them you really feel bad and become more concerned about to re-grow. There are many ways you can treat your hair loss and baldness. There are also a number of hair growth oils, vitamins, and supplements that you can use after the doctor’s prescription.

If you have started losing your hair and want to grow long and thick hair this homemade hair oil will let you regrow them easily.

Don’t be frustrated and use the different hair growth oils just make this hair oil at home and use on a regular basis in order to grow long and thick hair.

This homemade hair growth oil is free from chemicals which is why it will not harm your hair and will also overcome baldness.

So let’s start with how to make the hair growth oil at home:


  • Mustard oil 500 ml
  • Dried Neem leaves (or dried neem leaves powder) 1 cup
  • Coconut oil 250 ml

How to make the homemade hair growth oil?

Mix all the above-mentioned ingredients in a bowl and store it in a bottle. Apply this hair oil every night before going to bed and let it stay for the whole night. The next morning wash the hair with a mild shampoo and lukewarm water.

This oil will also make your hair grow fast by making the hair longer and thicker.


Remember that you will not get immediate results, be patient and use this oil regularly for a few months to have better results.

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