What Would Happen If You Remain Constipated? (Must Read)

Sumera Saeed


Constipation is really dangerous and can cause sickness. Constipation is not a rare problem approximately 42 million people are suffering from constipation. Today you will find here a story of a 22 years old Chinese guy, who remained constipated since his birth.

The anonymous guy is supposed to have been born with the congenital condition known as Hirschsprung’s disease – aka “HD”. It’s a condition which makes it difficult to pass the stool due to the lack of some muscles inside colon.

This Chinese guy remained constipated for several years and his abdominal swelled like a pregnant woman. He used laxatives and other constipation relieves medicines to force bowl movement.

Doctors at 10th People’s Hospital of Shanghai, in East China, were shocked by the size of the man’s tummy.

The surgeons decided to immediately operate the guy and after the three-hour surgery to have 30 inches of his large intestine removed.

Doctors were shocked to see this. They stitched intestine on both side to prevent bowl spilling. The removed intestine weighs approximately 13 kg or 28 pounds.

You can see with you own eyes in the pictures below.

So if you remain constipated must consult with the doctor as soon as possible in order to avoid health hazards.

intestine-2 intestine-1 intestine

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