Plant Your Own Roses At Home With Simple Tips and Tricks

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Plant Your Own Roses At Home With Simple Tips and Tricks

Plant Your Own Roses At Home With Simple Tips and Tricks. If you are a roses lover like me, and want to plant your own roses. you can grow them at home easily. Roses are the most beautiful flowers with mesmerizing fragrance. Everybody loves to have roses at their own home. Roses planting needs much care and time. Today, we will tell you simple tips and tricks by following them you can grow beautiful roses in your home.

Follow the steps below:

You need:

First of all you select the variety of roses to perfectly grow. There are a number of varieties of roses like Floribunda, Hybrid Tea. Grandiflora, Shrub and landscape roses Climber roses, Miniaure roses and Tree roses.

Plant Your Own Roses At Home With Simple Tips and Tricks

If you don’t have garden you can plant container roses. For planting roses you need Fertilizer, Mulch,   mud, Gardening gloves, spade and water.

Prepare the Container:

Let start to grow roses. Pick your pot or container. A big container is too good for planting variety of roses. Draining hole must be there in you pot or container. Wear gardening gloves and mix mud with fertilizer and place at the base of container with the help of spade.

Plant Your Own Roses At Home With Simple Tips and Tricks

Now place stems of roses plant in the container and check the depth. Now place the soil and fertilizer mixture around the roots and fill container. Left 2 to 3 inches space in the container.


Water the roses plant after planting it. Water the plant regularly so that soil is moist, but not wet during the growing process. Keep watch the excess water drain properly form the container.

For growing perfect roses at home keep mulching and feeding plants after 2 to 3 weeks. By doing proper care and feeding you can grow beautiful and full of mesmerizing fragrance roses at home easily.

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