How to Buy iPhone on Installments in Pakistan?


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How to Buy iPhone on Installments in Pakistan?

A large number of people want to buy iPhones in Pakistan but due to their hefty price, they are unable to purchase them. If you are one of those who want to buy an iPhone in Pakistan and looking for an easy way to purchase it, you are right here.

In this article, we will tell you how you can easily buy an iPhone in installments in Pakistan and from where you can buy it. Apple’s iPhones are considered premium luxury phones but most people in Pakistan can’t afford to buy them due to their skyrocketing price.

There are a number of online shopping websites and electronic stores that offer iPhones in installments in Pakistan. Whether you want to purchase an iPhone on installment or other brands’ smartphones in Pakistan you can switch to these online shopping websites and electronic gateways that are helping people to get the best deals with minimum or no markup.

Besides online shopping websites and electronic gateways, several banks, mobile phone brands, and cellular operators are also providing iphones and smartphones on installments.

So let’s talk about where you can buy iPhone on installments in Pakistan:

Unlike the other smartphone brands, Apple iPhones are not officially available. There are a number of official retailers and brand associates that are selling iPhones in Pakistan.

In Pakistan, you can easily buy iPhones on Installments through banks and online shopping websites. is offering the iPhone in installments in Pakistan through MCB, Bank Alfalah, Standard Chartered, and Silk Bank.

You just need to select the desired iPhone you want to purchase and then select the payment plan as per your requirements.

The following banks are also offering iPhones in Pakistan on installments:

Bank Alfalah also lets customers buy iPhones in Pakistan on installments through its Alpha Mall.

Faysal Bank is also operating its Digital Mall where you can get thousands of electronic items including smartphones and iPhones on installments.

HBL, Askari Bank and Standard Chartered are also providing electronics, home appliances and smartphones on installments.

Here is the list of online electronic stores in Pakistan that are providing smartphones and iPhones on installment:


Priceoye is providing the Smartphones on installments. Customers can select a different payment tenure for paying the installments.

The MCB, UBL and Bank Alfalah credit cardholders can also get the Easy Monthly Installment plan (EMI).


QisstPay is a facilitator between the buyers and the brands. Customers can purchase from a number of brands and can pay through QisstPay and that too in 4 easy installments.

There are a number of brands that collaborated with QisstPay and customers having Debit Card/Credit Cards, and Visa/Master cards can buy goods, electronic items, fashion appeals, shoes, gear, auto parts, and mobile phones in installments.

The other online electronic stores are as follows:

  • Lahore Centre

Telecom Operators in Pakistan that are providing smartphones and iPhones in installments:                                


Jazz is also providing the handsets installment plan through which the customers can get the mobile phones on installments. Only Jazz Gold Postpaid users are eligible to buy mobile phones on installments in Pakistan.


Telenor Pakistan is also offering the Infinity and Samsung mobile phones but unfortunately not in installments.

The Bottom Line:

This article is just for informational purposes for those who are looking to buy smartphones or iPhone on installments in Pakistan. We don’t endorse or encourage any of the stores mentioned above.

It is hoped you will find this information helpful. Must share your precious comments below:

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