How to Check Your SIM Number and Owner Name?

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How to Check Your SIM Number and Owner Name?

Complete details on how you can check your sim number and owner name by using the specific code of the telecom operator you are using in Pakistan. 

The number of mobile users in Pakistan is increasing rapidly and almost all use more than one SIMS. Sometimes it may happen with the person that he/she forgets the number of his own SIMs. They have to do lots of things to find it, but now there is no problem because you follow the easiest ways below.

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has implemented new measures to check the SIM number and owner name to curb the illegal use of SIM cards.

Here is how you can check the SIM card owner’s details:

Just type MNP from your mobile phone and send it to 667. Within a few minutes, you will get the details regarding the SIM card ownership.

Find out the number of SIMs of any network (Jazz+waird, Telenor, Zong, Ufone) with an easy method and easy procedure without spending balance.

Telenor SIM Number

  • Just send an empty SMS to 7421 from your SIM in reply you will get the Telenor sim number on your phone.
  • Standard SMS rate apply
  • Other code: *8888#

Jazz SIM Number

  • Just dial *99# and you will get the jazz sim number on your mobile phone without any charges.

Ufone SIM Number

  • Just dial *780*3# and you will get the Ufone sim number on your mobile phone for free.

Warid SIM Number

Just dial *99# 

Zong SIM Number

  • Just dial *310*9*2*4# and you will get the Zong sim number for free
  • Other codes are *2# , *5# and *8#

If these above-mentioned codes for checking the SIM Number do not work and you are having an error in getting the number you can call the helpline number of the specific telecom operator you are using.

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