When is the Day of Arafah 2024 and What is its Significance?


When is the Day of Arafah 2024 and What is its Significance?

Hajj 2024: Here’s all you need to know about the importance of the 9th Zilhaj for Muslims and why the Day of Arafah is important.

The Day of Arafah 2024 in Pakistan and around the world will be the 9th day of Dhul Hijjah evening of Friday, 14th June and will end on the evening of Saturday 15 June.

Importance of the 9th Zilhaj (Arafah Day):

The day of Arafah holds significant importance for Muslims all over the world. Millions of Muslims gather on Saudi Arabia’s Mount Arafat during Hajj on the Day of Arafah to offer prayers and ask for forgiveness, mercy, and repentance, The Day of Arafat is also regarded as the significant day of Hajj when pilgrims gather on the Mountain of Mercy and worship. This day on the 9th Zilhaj is a fundamental part of fulfilling the obligations of the Hajj.

The 9th of Zilhaj (Arafat Day) is also considered a golden opportunity for Muslims to purify their hearts of all sins and repent, seeking forgiveness from Allah the Almighty.

The next day, the 10th of Zilhajj, is celebrated as Eid-ul-Adha to commemorate Prophet Ibrahim’s willingness to sacrifice his son for obedience to Allah.

Hajj 2024 Sermon (Khutbah):

This year the Hajj sermon (Khutbah) will be in Masjid Namirah on the day of Arafat 2024. Sheikh Maher Al-Muaiqly will deliver Hajj 2024 Khutabah.

Is Arafah Day the same in all countries?

Yes, the day of Arafah is the same for all the countries across the world. The day of Arafat is on the 9th of Zilhaj in Saudi Arabia which is the day of repentance, forgiveness and supplication. However, the date of the 9th Zilhajj may be different in several countries due to the sightening of the new moon of Dhu’l-Hijjaha.

The Day of Arafah 2024 Across the world

This year, Arafat Day in Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Gulf countries along with the USA and UK Saturday 15th June is the Day.

Arafah Day 2024 in Pakistan

The Arafah Day 2024 in Pakistan, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and other Asian nations is the same as in Saudia Arabia. However, the 9th of Zilhajj is on 16th June, 2024 due to the difference in sightening of the new moon of Dhu’l-Hijjaha.

Importance of Fasting on the Day of Arafat

The day of Arafah is one of the holiest days in the Islamic year. It falls on the 9th of Zilhajj and this year it is on the 15th of June 2024. People who are not pilgrims (hajjis) keep fast on this day to seek repentance, forgiveness and blessing of Allah the Almighty. Do fast on this day to get closer to Allah (SWT).

We hope this information will prove fruitful to you. We pray that Allah the Almighty permits you to fast on the Day of Arafah 2024 in Pakistan so that you can take advantage of the blessings of this day. Ameen Summa Ameen.

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