International Shoe Size (Men and Women) for Pakistan

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The shoe factories in different countries use different shoe size to make shoes for men and women. It’s always bit difficult for the people who want to buy imported shoes online, how to select the perfect size?

So, in order to carry international brands, you will require knowing the same of your shoe size in foreign countries.

Alas, there is no math rule how to change shoe size to another with calculations. Therefore there is requirement of shoe size converter chart. The shoe size chart is standard scale that lets you to convert your shoe size and then place your order for imported shoes online according to the converting scale measurement.

The shoe size conversion chart is much essential for the online shoppers and travelers.

Here is the most complete shoe size conversion chart scale for measuring and converting imported shoe size into Pakistani shoe size.

With the help of this shoe size converter chart you can convert and measure your shoe size according to your condition.

International Shoe Size for Men in Pakistan


International Shoe Size for women in Pakistan


International Shoe Size for boys in Pakistan


International Shoe Size for girls in Pakistan


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