6 Things You Can Do – Let Your 5G Mobile Network Startle You!


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6 Things You Can Do - Let Your 5G Mobile Network Startle You!

6 Things You Can Do – Let Your 5G Mobile Network Startle You!

Even you will have you tongue wagging on these 5G network possibilities as shown by Huawei Mobile Broadband Forum in Tokyo. Yes we know that Chinese Tech Company is behind the infrastructure delivering 5G, but the major concern here is the unexpected next generation apps coming from such pipes.

You just like us have a lot to see in 2018 – but let’s get an insight into the technologies we can look forward along with commercial 5G networks:

  1. Intelligent Cars

Cars with artificial intelligence or simply driverless cars, they are designed to make human driving safe and smarter. For this entire purpose, the 5G network becomes even more imperative. The showfloor where 5G mobile network and its capabilities were shown also had various examples of Toshiba car talking to the driver for advice on navigation, safety and fuel stops.

  1. Virtual Reality

Pokémon Go is the most famous example of Virtual and augmented reality and it was also mentioned at the forum. This has already been mentioned earlier that VR would be a killer app for 5G. Next generations mobile network will make the entire process smooth with rich graphics, simply because it can transmit gigabytes of data in seconds.

  1. Video

Although this is not a surprise possibility expected from next generation mobile network, but videos will be applied in an eye-opening manner. One of the latest news from CNN’s executive stated that, cable news channel’s existence is highly dependent on the quality of the video which is essentially delivered by a 5G mobile.

Huawei Chief Executive also predicted that live video would have more popularity and will offer a a greater challenge to the traditional entertainment media.

  1. Artificial Intelligence

The show floor had a number of robots showing practical skills as helping customers and the entertainment type which showed dance moves. These robots did not just showcase robotic technology but represented everything that 5G would make possible such as machine learning and artificial intelligence. Again, next generation mobile network makes possible the sharing of huge amount of data between devices and that’s what makes robots smarter than ever.

  1. Better than Human Vision

5G is capable of presenting better than human eye image sensing, as presented by Sony. They say this will revolutionize the apps as transport, security, photography and manufacturing. Technology like this 5G will make machines do remarkable things as see through reflections in water and windows, view various parts of the picture through different levels of brightness, and detect freshness of vegetables and capture 960 frames per second.

  1. Pet Tracking

Yes, even this! 5G will not only benefit humans but pets as well. Our cute furry animals will carry a smart device for themselves that will track their movements and monitor welfare.

Isn’t life looking to feel so better? The possibilities that 5G brings are worth every-ownership. If you need assistance for mobile development and need help for VR or augmented reality services, approach Abacus Consulting for expert mobile solution services.

Guest Post By Farhan Ramzan


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