Apple iPhone 8 May Not Feature Fingerprint Sensor

Sumera Saeed


A report said that Apples new iPhone 8 will not going to feature the fingerprint sensor and that the reason of its delay, suggested the note from KeyBanc Capital Markets analyst Andy Hargreaves.

There are also several reports that suggested that the new iPhone 8 delay may be due to the lack of fingerprint sensor as Apple is finding out a way to fit scanner into the device. Now it is reported that the most high-end OLED iPhone model expected to launch in September 2017.

Apple’s expected iPhone 7s and 7s Plus are still likely to offer fingerprint scanner because they have smaller industrial design.

Currently Apple is trying to project the fingerprint sensor into the display of the iPhone 8. Presently the tech giant is facing with either bailing on the fingerprint sensor overall, or just to depend on facial recognition for unlocking the phone. This may cause the rise of the expected price of the device, said Hargreaves.

Apple’s fingerprint scanner, promoted as “Touch ID” is used for online purchases via the app store and to confirm a user before making an Apple Pay purchase. That could be a problem.

Hargreaves said that Apple is likely to ditch the fingerprint sensor to instead focus on getting the iPhone to market early.

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