How to Identify Real and Fake Samsung Galaxy Phones?

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How to Identify Real and Fake Samsung Galaxy Phones?.

How to Identify Real and Fake Samsung Galaxy Phones?. Samsung is one of the renowned smartphone brands in the world. The Samsung Galaxy line of smartphone is one of the most famous lines on the market. The company comes up with the latest and high end features oriented Galaxy phone every year. The Samsung galaxy phones gained much popularity before the launch among the consumers and that’s the reason shady phone manufacturers are always ready to create replicas and cloned Galaxy phones that look like the original Samsung Galaxy Phones.

As Samsung Galaxy Phones operates on Android operating system that makes it easy for the manufacturers to produce fakes.

It’s become harder for consumers to distinguish between a genuine model and a fake one.

Here are some ways that help you to easily identify difference between real and fake Samsung Galaxy Smartphone.

Design and Display:

First of all the difference between their design and display is that the original Samsung Galaxy Phone are made with highly durable material that offer classy outlook while the cloned/fake galaxy phones available today are built so cheaply that their materials and craftsmanship reflect the amount of money invested in them.

Secondly you can easily recognize the cloned/fake galaxy phones with their screen display because they features low resolution display. Furthermore the fake Galaxy Phones have a wide gap between edge of the screen and edge of phone.


Run your fingers through the Samsung logo on the front screen. You can feel the Samsung logo on fake products. The name can be easily chipped off, too.


Another difference between real and fake galaxy Phone is that the home button is not located at the exact place.

Other differences are gaps between parts like the home, power, and volume buttons.


The battery cover of the fake galaxy phone is opened; some of the small components do not match with the original ones.


These fake phone click pictures at a lower resolution and quality as some of the sensors are missing.

Turn On and Off

By simply turning off and on the real and fake galaxy phones you can see the difference visibly.

Codes to Detect Difference

You can also identify the difference by using specific codes. If you think you are using fake galaxy phone you can dial *#0*# if the device is real it will support the command if fake it will not.

You can also identify the difference by checking the serial number and IMEI number. Check this by dialing *#06# which will show the IMEI and serial number now write down these numbers and remove the battery of the mobile, and match these numbers with those on the back of the mobile.

Furthermore the fake galaxy phone does not have a seal from the National Communications Agency or an equivalent agency in your country.

Here are some Tips to buy Original and Genuine Samsung Galaxy Phones:

  • Always buy Samsung Galaxy Phones for authorized dealers.
  • When purchasing at online stores make it sure that you are in conversation with a reputed seller.
  • Before buying the phones at huge discount make it sure the dealer is selling the real one.

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