OPPO To Launch Dual Selfie Camera Phone F3 Plus on March 23

Sumera Saeed

OPPO To Launch Dual Selfie Camera Phone F3 Plus on March 23

OPPO To Launch Dual Selfie Camera Phone F3 Plus on March 23

OPPO has declared that it will soon launch the new dual selfie camera Phone F3 Plus from the of F3 series.

The Oppo F3 Plus Dual Selfie camera phone will be launched in five markets including Pakistan. The Oppo F3 and the Oppo F3 Plus are scheduled to arrive on 23rd March 2017.

This is Oppo’s first-ever dual selfie camera for the for the “Selfie Expert” smartphones of F3 series.

The F3 Plus dual Selfie camera is capable to capture high definition pictures with 16MP main-camera and 8MP sub-camera.

OPPO Vice President and Managing Director of International Mobile Business, Sky Li said that Oppo is a product innovative company and it’s their key brand value to fetch the selfie technology to the next level. The The F3 Series will definitely the trend setter in this connection and will be followed by the other brand.

OPPo is the second smartphone manufacturer in emerging Southeast Asia with 13.2% market share and the fourth-largest smartphone brand globally in 2016. It is operating in 28 countries, said the IDC reports.

OPPO got tremendous success after the launch of the F1, F1 Plus and F1s selfie expert smartphones.

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