10 Best Room Air Coolers in Pakistan with Prices

Sumera Saeed

10 Best Room Air Cooler in Pakistan with Prices

Now a day sun is at its peak and it’s becoming necessary to buy either the best air coolers in Pakistan or inverter ACs to beat the heat of summer.

Some of the best room air coolers in Pakistan across brands like Super Asia, Canon, Boss, and E-lite offer extraordinary cooling systems at a very affordable price. Particularly for those on a budget, air coolers are an ideal alternative to air conditioners in Pakistan.

Buying the best room cooler in Pakistan at a reasonable price works better for getting cool air in a hot summer. If you are looking for the best air coolers in Pakistan in 2024 that’s not a big deal there are a number of electronic brands in Pakistan that are offering high-capacity air coolers at affordable prices.

There is a huge variety of room coolers in Pakistan but choosing one best in features, capability, and efficiency is difficult. Therefore for the ease of our readers, in this article, we have compiled a list of the best room air coolers in Pakistan with prices that provide ease in hot summers and are also portable so you can get the cool air where you want.

Before jumping on to the best air cooler in Pakistan with prices let’s have a look at some of the room cooler brands that are highly recommendable if you want to buy high-quality products.

Check out the list of room cooler brands in Pakistan:

  1. Boss
  2. Canon
  3. E-Lite
  4. Electrolux
  5. Geepas
  6. Honeywell
  7. Sencor
  8. Super Asia

Let’s start with the best room air cooler in Pakistan with Prices:

1. Boss Air Cooler

Boss has a variety of room air coolers in Pakistan. They sell different variety of air coolers that include Manual Air coolers, Remote Controller Air coolers, Ice Box Air coolers, and Solar Air coolers.

These are Boss evaporative air coolers and are cost-effective, energy-efficient, eco-friendly, and the most economical way of getting cool in hot summers. The Boss evaporative air coolers are available in different sizes so you can choose as per the space of your room.

Boss evaporative air cooler

On the other hand, if you want to save the electricity bills and also want to have cool air in the hot summer you can buy the Boss Solar Air Cooler in Pakistan that runs on 12 Volts.  

These air coolers are made with plastic material, and available in different shapes, sizes, and white and blue color options, and the price of a Boss air cooler price in Pakistan starts from Rs.24, 000.

2. Canon Air Cooler

Canon is a famous home appliances brand in Pakistan offering a wide range of kitchen appliances, home appliances, refrigerators & freezers, and built-in kitchen and room coolers. It has a large variety of room coolers available in different colors, shapes, sizes, and capacities.

Canon Air Cooler

The Canon air cooler water tank capacity ranges from 50L to 90L. The Canon Air cooler price in Pakistan starts from Rs.30,900.

3. E-Lite Air Cooler

E-Lite is another well-known online home appliance brand in Pakistan. You can purchase the best air cooler in Pakistan with high-quality features and affordable home E-Lite home appliances by visiting their e-store.

E-Lite Air Cooler

E-Lite offers different room air coolers that are portable, easy to operate, and durable. You can choose the E-Lite Mini Air Cooler, E-Lite Evaporative Air Cooler, and E-Lite HoneyComb air cooler for big rooms.

  1. E-Lite Mini Air Cooler is small in size and easily portable from one place to another and lightweight. It runs up to 8 hours per one filled with water. It has a 375ml water tank capacity. Moreover, it has a whisper-quiet fan and soothing night light. The E-Lite Mini Air Cooler price in Pakistan is Rs: 3,888.00.
  2. E-Lite Evaporative Air Cooler is also a portable room cooler. It has a large water tank and is designed with the Large Evaporator Water Curtain Technology Honey Comb Filtration Super Air Flow Technology Remote Control feature. It is available in white and black color with One year warranty and 12L water tank capacity. The E-Lite Evaporative Air Cooler price in Pakistan is Rs: 44, 299.00.
  3. E-Lite HoneyComb Air Cooler is an ac operated that has three fans speed. You can operate it with remote control. It is also a portable device with a 20L water tank capacity. You can buy the E-Lite HoneyComb Air Cooler in Pakistan for Rs. 34,999.00.

4. Electrolux Air Cooler

Electrolux is another home appliances brand in Pakistan offering a wide range of air-conditioners, refrigerators & freezers, LED Tv & sound systems, built-in kitchens, washing machines, and much more. It has a large variety of room coolers available in different shapes, sizes, and capacities.

Electrolux Air Cooler

5. Geepas Air Cooler

Geepas is another famous international air cooler brand in Pakistan providing a large variety of room coolers at affordable prices. They air Coolers are top-rated, reliable, and a great choice to get cool air in hot summer. The air coolers by Geepas are luxuriously stylish, affordable, and available in different sizes. These best air coolers in Pakistan have remote and LED screen control features.

Geepas Air Cooler

The Geepas Air Cooler price in Pakistan starts from Rs.20,999 and you can purchase them by switching to a reliable online electronic store.

6. Honeywell Air Cooler

Honeywell is a renowned international consumer electronic brand providing a variety of high-quality products worldwide. They provide Evaporative Air Coolers that are having three central components: a fan, a pump system to circulate water and a honeycomb-shaped absorbent panel. Honeywell air room coolers are stylish and environmentally friendly options if you want to buy quality products.

Honeywell Air Cooler

There are a large number of options available in Honeywell air coolers in Pakistan and their price varies from distributor to distributor.

7. Sencor Air Cooler

Sencor is a Japanese consumer electronic brand offering a wide range of electronic products to customers in Pakistan at affordable rates. Their air coolers are the best choice for your rooms, offices and other sitting areas for summer days & nights. Sencor has a wide variety of room air coolers that are stylish, and portable, and also come in a 3-in-1 automatic shut-off timer with an indicator of the remaining time.

Sencor Air Cooler

You can purchase the Sencor air cooler in Pakistan by visiting the online electronic stores or its disturbers’ store near you.

8. Super Asia Air Cooler

Super Asia is a well-renowned electronic brand in Pakistan. They are not only selling home appliances but also has a business of motorcycles and rickshaws, a fast-food burger chain (Hardees). People in Pakistan usually prefer to purchase Super Asia products for their home and office use.

Super Asia Air Cooler

There is a wide range of Super Asia room air coolers in Pakistan that are available at extremely affordable prices.   These air coolers are durable, available in various sizes with a water tank capacity from 30 liters to 80 liters and also come with powerful motors and are worth your money.

The Super Asia air cooler price in Pakistan starts from Rs.34,000.

Bottom Line:

These are the best room air cooler brands in Pakistan that provide cost-effective, eco-friendly, and stylish room coolers for your homes and offices. So, to keep your body cool and relaxed during hot summer days, it is essential to have the best air coolers in Pakistan at home if you can’t afford to buy an air conditioner.

You can select one of the best room air coolers in Pakistan as per the dimensions of your room and budget.

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