Best Ever Google App to Backup Photos and Videos

Sumera Saeed


Google Photos is the best ever built app by the company for backing up data including photos and videos. If you are using Google Photo app backup you can get your photos, videos and data anytime anywhere.

Now Google has officially declared the launch of Backup and Sync which is a new app for both PCs and Macs.

With the Google photos app you can back up files and photos safely in Google Drive and Photos. Google aims to help the people to get the easy access to their documents, files and photos.

This new launched app is combined application that will reinstate your earlier desktop clients of Drive and Photos and you do not need to use two different desktop apps for doing the same thing.

How to use?

The new Google Photos App provides too easier user interface. After opening up the application you need to sign in your Google account and to select the folders that you want to sync and backup automatically on either Google Drive/Photos.

Moreover you can also sync and backup other folders from external devices such as SD cards and cameras data.


The new application has a limit of data to 15GB per user. If you want additional storage, you’ll have to buy it.

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