Best Insurance Companies in Pakistan

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Best Insurance Companies in Pakistan

Best Insurance Companies in Pakistan. There are a number of insurance companies around the world that are offering people secure services.

Insurance is something that protects you from financial loss. It is a type of risk management mainly used to evade the risk of a contingent, uncertain loss. When you pay for an insurance policy, you build customary installments, branded as premiums, to the backup plan. In the event that you make a case, your sponsor will pay out for the disaster that is tenable under the listed terms and conditions of the contract.

There are different insurance companies in Pakistan that are working for Pakistani Nationals. People are showing interest in these insurance companies to avoid financial loss. The existing Insurance companies in Pakistan are working under the Insurance company Ordinance, which that issued in 2000 years. Below we have mentioned the best insurance companies along with the best car insurance companies in Pakistan.

Check out the list of best insurance companies in Pakistan

  1. State Life Insurance Corporation of Pakistan
  2. New Jubilee Life Insurance Company Limited
  3. East West Life Assurance Company
  4. ASif Puri Co. TVT Ltd
  5. EFU Life Assurance LTD
  6. IGI Insurance Limited
  7. Expert Witness Services Pvt Limited Pakistan
  8. Rustam Iqbal Organization
  9. State Lie Insurance Corporation of Pakistan
  10. DATA Bank International

These insurance companies in Pakistan are offering the different types of insurances that are mentioned below:

Personal Accident
Plate Glass Insurance
Burglary Insurance
Golfers Insurance
Credit Card Insurance
Computer Crime Insurance
Engineering Insurance
Fire & Property Insurance
Health Insurance
Motor Insurance
Workmen’s Compensation
Travel Insurance
Liability Insurance
Money Insurance
Engineering Insurance
Marine Insurance
Aviation Insurance
Livestock Insurance
Property Insurance
Home Direct Insurance

Here check out the list of best car insurance companies in Pakistan

  1. Aldalah Insurance
  2. Askari General Insurance
  3. Premier Insurance
  4. Alpha Insurance
  5. New Jubilee insurance
  6. TPL Direct Insurance Company
  7. Adamjee Insurance
  8. The Universal Insurance
  9. Aisa Insurance
  10. Shahen Insurance
  11. Habib Insurance
  12. EFU General Pakistan Insurance

For further information about car insurance in Pakistan, you can click this link.

Important Note:

This article is just for informative purposes. If you are looking for having any kind of insurance and looking for the best insurance companies in Pakistan you need to must check the record of the insurance company.

Also, consult with the policy holders before buying a policy or signing up any agreement with the insurance company. To know more about the information about the insurance company it is very important to know the reputation of the company rather than be the prey of the agents’ puzzling conversation.

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