Bhojpouri Movie Dulhan Chahi Pakistan Se A Big Hit of 2016

Mariam Irshad

Bhojpouri Movie Dulhan Chahi Pakistan Se A Big Hit of 2016

Dulhan Chahi Pakistan se is an Indian film picturized in bhojpouri language. Huge bhojpouri viewership is the base reason to fabricate Dulhan chahi Pakistan se. it is made under the banner of   Saideep Films and Aadi Shakti Entertainment Pvt. Ltd and was released on 5th august 2016. The story starts with the impeccable and infinite love that is truly tested by the pythons of hates and bigotry. The seeds of hatred are sowed and cultivated in the minds of people who are living on the two opposite sides of border therefore many tactics are employed to deoxygenate that living love relation but in the end passionate love dominates on all the historical rifts.

It is produced and directed by Rajkumar R. Pandey who is very talented and experienced person and has produced a bundle of super hit Bhojpuri films. Dulhan chahye pakisatn se casts   Pradeep Pandey, Tanushree, Shubhi Sharma in lead role while other cast include  Mukesh Rishi, Tinu Verma and Sanjay Pandey .  Dulhan chahi Pakistan se is edited by vikash pawar and Cinematography by Satya Prakash The music of Dulhan Chahi Pakistan Se is composed by Rajkumar R. Pandey and the lyrics are written by Shyam Dehati and Rajkumar R. Pandey.There are about 9 soundtracks in this movie and music released on 08 June 2016. The music of this movie is very soft    touchy and romantic. Dulhan Chahi Pakistan se was shot in most captivating cities utar pardesh and bihar .The budget of dulhan chahi pakisatn se INR 50,000,000 estimated.

You can Watch the Official Theatrical Trailer  of Dulhan Chahi Pakistan se below on Daytimes:

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