Daily Internet Packages 2021 by Jazz+Warid, Telenor, Ufone and Zong

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Daily Internet Packages by Jazz+Warid, Telenor, Ufone and Zong

All about the daily internet packages 2021 by Jazz+Warid, Telenor, Ufone and Zong

Today in this article we will tell our readers about the daily internet packages 2021 of all the telecom operators of Pakistan including Jazz+Warid, Telenor, Ufone and Zong.

All these telecom operators are offering the best daily internet packages in affordable rates to fulfill the communication needs of their customers.

The users of Jazz+Warid, Telenor, Ufone and Zong will find here the complete details about the daily internet packages 2021, subscription, un-subscription codes and charges.

The below mentioned daily internet bundles 2021 are for prepaid customers for fulfilling their communication needs according to their choice.

How to Activate Jazz+Warid Daily Internet Packages?

After reading the details below about Jazz internet packages you can easily subscribe to the internet packages according to your choice to enjoy seamless internet connectivity.

Here are the codes of the Jazz+Warid daily internet packages that you can dial to get the internet at affordable rates. The customers of Jazz+warid can also subscribe to the same internet packages.

Bucket NameChargesVolume (MB)ValiditySubscriptionUn-subscription codeStatus Code
Daily BrowserRs. 11.9550 MB1 Day*117*11#Automatically expires on the same day midnight*117*11*2#
Daily SocialRs. 151 GB (Youtube, Facebook and WhatsApp)1 Day*968#Auto-Expiry*114*5*2#
Daily SuperRs.17150 MB DATA 1440 Jazz Mins 50 SMS1 Day*212#*212*4#*212*2#
Daily SMS WhatsApp PackageRs. 7.210 MBs for WhatsApp only 1800 SMS to all networks1Day*334#*334*4#*334*2#
Daily Social Recursive PackageRs.7.1710 MB for  WhatsApp1 Day *455#Automatically expires on the same day midnight*455*2#
Daily Data Bundle (Peak-Off-Peak)Rs.24100 MB DATA (24 Hours)   1.1 GB in Off Peak (2 AM – 2 PM)1 Day*117*4#Automatically expires on the same day midnight*117*4*2#
Super Ghanta OfferRs.91GB on the internetValid for Next 1 Hours*638#Automatically expires after one hour*846*2#
Daily Whatsapp OfferRs. 2200 MB (WhatsApp)24 Hourly Recursive*311#Auto-expiryN/A
Daily Day BundleRs.1420 MB DATA 300 Jazz Mins 300 SMSSame Day Midnight*340#Auto-expiryN/A

Terms and conditions:

  • All the daily internet packages are for the Jazz and Warid prepaid users.
  • Overuse of data will be charged at Rs.1.2MB.
  • Call set up fee is applicable.
  • For checking the remaining data the services charges are Rs.0.06
  • The Jazz+warid daily internet packages will not auto-subscribe and need to be subscribed again upon expiry.

How to Activate Telenor Daily Internet Packages?

Here are the complete details of the Telenor Daily Internet Packages that are very much affordable for everyone using the Telenor SIM. You can subscribe to these 4G Internet Packages for 24 hours, two hours, and one hour and also for midnight. Here are the codes of the Telenor daily internet packages that you can dial to get the internet at affordable rates.

So the choice is completely yours which package you want to subscribe to. Furthermore, the Telenor customers can also use the Facebook Flex for the whole day and that too without any charges.

4G Daily Unlimited Internet Package with 350MBsRs.16One day (From 1 AM to 7 PM)Dial *10#Auto-expire
Telenor YouTube Bundle 500 MBsRs. 812 hours till midnightDial *60#Auto-expire
4G Daily Lite Bundle with 50MBsRs.14.2824 HoursDial *12#Auto-expire
Telenor Good Time Offer With unlimited on-net calls for 2 hours and  200MBs for FacebookRs.5.5Valid for next two hours (except 6 PM to 9 PM)Dial *345*20#Auto-expire after two hours
Telenor Social Pack with 50 MBs for WhatsApp and  FacebookRs.1.1924 hoursDial *311#Auto-expire
Telenor Raat Din 3G, 4G Package with 1500MBsRs.1812 Hours (12am-12pm)Dial *150# Auto-expire at 12 PM
Telenor Facebook FlexRs.0 Go to Free 

Terms and Conditions:

  1. All the Djuice and Talkshawk customers can subscribe to the Telenor Daily Internet bundles.
  2. overuse of data the default rate will be Rs.12/MB on 3G & 4G whereas the 2G will be charged at Rs.21.5/MB.
  3. Under the Telenor Youtube package, MBS will be applicable for watching videos on Youtube only.

How to Activate Ufone Internet Packages?

The Ufone Daily Internet Packages allows customers to remain connected with friends and family with seamless internet connectivity for 24 hours a day. Below are the complete details of Ufone’s daily internet packages, subscription, unsubscribe code, charges, and validity. You just need to dial the desired code from your mobile phone to activate the Ufone daily internet packages of your choice.

Data VolumeSubscriptionChargesValidityUnsubscription
Daily Special 50MB Plus 500MB for  WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter & Line*3461#Rs.61 AM-9 PM*5501#
Daily Light40 MB Plus 500MB for  WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter & Line*2256#Rs.121 DayType unsub and send it to 8804
Daily Mega Internet 2GB (Unlimited WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter & Line)*550#Rs.151AM -8PM*5501#
Daily Heavy Internet75 MB plus 500MB for WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter & Line*2258#Rs. 181 Day*4804#

How To Activate Zong Internet Packages?

The Zong Daily Internet Packages lets the users remain connected with the friends and family with the uninterrupted internet for 24 hours a day. Below are the complete details of Zong daily internet packages, how to subscribe? how to unsubscribe, charges and validity. You just need to dial the code for the Zong daily internet packages and enjoy the 4G internet connectivity with Zong. 

Data VolumeChargesSubscriptionValidity
Daily Basic 100MB InternetRs.17 plus tax *6464#1 Days
Daily Max 500MB Internet + 500MB YouTubeRs.38 plus tax*6464#1 Days
Daytime Offer 1200MB Internet (From 4 am to 7 pm)Rs.16 plus tax*6464#Applicable from 4am to 7pm
Youth Offer 2.5 MB Internet (from
1am to 9am )
Rs.16 plus taxwrite gno and send it to 6464Applicable from 1am to 9am

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