FIFA World Cup 2018: Schedule, Timing and Venue

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FIFA World Cup 2018: Schedule, Timing and Venue

FIFA World Cup 2018: Schedule, Timing and Venue. FIFA World Cup 2018 is all set to kick off in June. This year the FIFA World Cup will be hosted by the hosted by Russia. FIFA World Cup 2018 will begin from 14th June and will enthrall the spectators till 15th July.

Earlier the FIFA World Cup 2018 trophy was unveiled in Pakistan at a local hotelon by the Punjab Minister for Sports Jahangir Khanzada.

FIFA World Cup 2018 trophy was also put on displayed at the Coke Food Festival 2018 on 2nd February at Lake City Golf and Country Club Lahore.

In this article you will find here the complete details about the FIFA World Cup 2018 which is all set to kick off on 14th June in Russia.

The details of FIFA World Cup 2018 include schedule, venues and timing of the event.

FIFA World Cup Groups:

Group A:

Saudi Arabia, Russia, Uruguay, Egypt.

Group B:

Spain, Iran, Morocco, Portugal.

Group C:

France, Denmark, Australia, Peru.

Group D:

Argentina, Iceland, Nigeria, Croatia.

Group E:

Brazil, Serbia, Costa Rica, Switzerland.

Group F:

Sweden, South Korea, Germany, Mexico.

Group G:

Panama, England, Belgium, Tunisia.

Group H:

Japan, Colombia, Poland, Senegal.

FIFA World Cup 2018 opening ceremony?

The opening ceremony of FIFA World Cup 2018 will be at 2pm (BST) on 14th June at Moscow’s Luzhniki Stadium, following by the opening game between Russia and Saudi Arabia.

There will be nearly 500 dancers, gymnasts and trampolinists performances at the opening ceremony. The ceremony will close with a firework display.

FIFA World Cup 2018 Schedule:

The complete schedule of FIFA World Cup 2018 is posted below:





Saudia Arabia vs Russia 14 June, Thursday Moscow 4:00 PM
Egypt vs Uruguay 15 June, Friday Ekaterinburg 1:00 PM
Iran vs Morocco 15 June, Friday Petersburg 4:00 PM
Portugal vs Spain 15 June, Friday Sochi 7:00 PM
France vs Australia 16 June, Saturday Kazan 11:00 AM
Argentina vs Iceland 16 June, Saturday Moscow 2:00 PM
Peru vs Denmark 16 June, Saturday Saransk 5:00 PM
Croatia vs Nigeria 16 June, Saturday Kaliningrad 8:00 PM
Costa Rica vs Serbia 17 June, Sunday Moscow 4:00 PM
Brazil vs Switzerland 17 June, Sunday Rostov-on-Don 7:00 PM
Sweden vs South Korea 18 June, Monday Nizhny Novgorod 1:00 PM
Belgium vs Panama 18 June, Monday Sochi 4:00 PM
Tunisia vs England 18 June, Monday Volgograd 7:00 PM
Poland vs Senegal 19 June, Tuesday Moscow 1:00 PM
Colombia vs Japan 19 June, Tuesday Saransk 4:00 PM
Russia vs Egypt 19 June, Tuesday Petersburg 7:00 PM
Portugal vs Morocco 20 June, Wednesday Moscow 1:00 PM
Uruguay vs Saudi Arabia 20 June, Wednesday Rostov-on-Don 4:00 PM
Iran vs Spain 20 June, Wednesday Kazan 7:00 PM
France vs Peru 21 June, Thursday Ekaterinburg 1:00 PM
Denmark vs Australia 21 June, Thursday Samara 4:00 PM
Argentina vs Croatia 21 June, Thursday Nizhny Novgorod 7:00 PM
Brazil vs Costa Rica 22 June, Friday St Petersburg 1:00 PM
Nigeria vs Iceland 22 June, Friday Volgograd 4:00 PM
Serbia vs Switzerland 22 June, Friday Kaliningrad 7:00 PM
Belgium vs Tunisia 23 June, Saturday Moscow 1:00 PM
Germany vs Sweden 23 June, Saturday Sochi 4:00 PM
South Korea vs Mexico 23 June, Saturday Rostov-on-Don 7:00 PM
England vs Panama 24 June, Sunday Nizhny Novgorod 1:00 PM
Japan vs Senegal 24 June, Sunday Ekaterinburg 4:00 PM
Poland vs Colombia 24 June, Sunday Kazan 7:00 PM
Uruguay vs Russia 25 June, Monday Samara 3:00 PM
Saudi Arabia vs Egypt 25 June, Monday Volgograd 7:00 PM
Spain vs Morocco 25 June, Monday Kaliningrad 3:00 PM
Iran vs Portugal 25 June, Monday Saransk 7:00 PM
Denmark v France 26 June, Tuesday Moscow 3:00 PM
Australia v Peru 26 June, Tuesday Sochi 3:00 PM
Nigeria v Argentina 26 June, Tuesday St Petersburg 7:00 PM
Iceland vs Croatia 26 June, Tuesday Rostov-on-Don 7:00 PM
South Korea vs Germany 27 June, Wednesday Kazan 3:00 PM
Mexico vs Sweden 27 June, Wednesday Ekaterinburg 3:00 PM
Serbia vs Brazil 27 June, Wednesday Moscow 7:00 PM
Switzerland vs Costa Rica 27 June, Wednesday Nizhny Novgorod 7:00 PM
Japan vs Poland 28 June, Thursday Volgograd 3:00 PM
Senegal vs Colombia 28 June, Thursday Samara 3:00 PM
England vs Belgium 28 June, Thursday Kaliningrad 7:00 PM
Panama vs Tunisia 28 June, Thursday Saransk 7:00 PM

Last 16

1C vs 2D 30 June, Saturday Kazan 3:00 PM
1A vs 2B 30 June, Saturday Sochi 7:00 PM
1B vs 2A 1 July, Sunday Moscow 3:00 PM
1D vs 2C 1 July, Sunday Nizhny Novgorod 7:00 PM
1E vs 2F 2 July, Monday Samara 3:00 PM
1G vs 2H 2 July, Monday Rostov-on-Don 7:00 PM
1F vs 2E 3 July, Tuesday St Petersburg 3:00 PM
1H vs 2G 3 July, Tuesday Moscow 7:00 PM

Quarter Finals

Winner 49 vs winner 50 6 July, Friday Nizhny Novgorod 3:00 PM
Winner 53 vs winner 54 6 July, Friday Kazan 7:00 PM
Winner 55 vs winner 56 7 July, Saturday Samara 3:00 PM
Winner 51 vs winner 52 7 July, Saturday Sochi 7:00 PM


Winner 57 vs winner 58 10 July, Friday St Petersburg 7:00 PM
Winner 59 vs winner 60 11 July, Friday Moscow 7:00 PM

Third Playoffs

Losers of two semi-finals 14 July, Friday St Petersburg 3:00 PM


Winners of two semi-finals 15 July, Friday Moscow 4:00 PM

Where to watch?

The FIFA World Cup 2018 will be broadcast by the ITV in UK while in Pakistan, India and Bangladesh Sony Pictures Network will air the matches. will be broadcasting Fifa World Cup 2018 live through PTV Sports.

You can also watch Fifa World Cup live on your mobile using the official application of Ten Sports

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