Harry Potter Themed Hogwart Café Now in Pakistan: It’s Magical Inside

Mariam Irshad

Harry Potter Themed Hogwart Café Now in Pakistan: It’s Magical Inside

Harry Potter is an imaginative character of a fantasy novel later it is presented as Film series that break records of box offices all around the world. Lover of these Harry Potter series try to pay esteem in different ways. About 14 Harry Potter themed Visiting places & cafes are already present who are source of entertainment for the visitors and now for the 1st time in Pakistan a Harry Potter themed Café opens in Islamabad in August 2016.

Three childhood friends open this café named Hogwart Café. It’s fantasy based café, present new whole world to the visitor. It presents supernatural and shadowy appearance that is reason of tender for Hogwart Café.

On left side in entrance of Hogwart cafe suspended moving picture frames of series character on the wall with quotes about magic from the books, candles are hovering from the ceiling, Heavy wooden doors overall interior is super  & the atmosphere of the Hogwart café makes it a magical place. As it is unique in its appearance so the visitors are coming in abundance & it’s quite tough to find spare table there.

The menu of Hogwart Café  features abundance of Potter-themed dishes &  lemonade as “Goblet of Fire”, “cocktail as  Unicorn Blood”   Godric’s Hollow” Muggle’s Choice, Hagrid’s Rock Cake’and a few more traditional Pakistani dishes. If you are a potter heads must visit Hogwart Café. You will love the place.

Location ; Chaudhary Plaza, Adjacent Media Town, O-9, Police Foundation Islamabad.

Contact no : (051) 5708102




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