HEC & Huawei Opens Registration for Students to Seeds for the Future Program 2021


HEC & Huawei Opens Registration for Students to Seeds for the Future Program 2021

Huawei Pakistan together with the Higher Education of Pakistan is inviting prospective Pakistani undergraduate applicants to register for the Seeds for the Future program 2021. First launched in Pakistan back in 2015, currently, 87 students have benefited and been sent to China by Huawei to learn about Chinese culture and the latest trends in ICT technologies. Following last year’s format, given the restrictions placed by Covid-19, an online six-day training course has been organized for 30 excellent students from 9th-16th August. The initial period of the learning is about Chinese culture and Chinese language.

They will also get technical training from Huawei and industry ICT experts who will share their expertise on a wide range of courses covering 5G, cloud computing, AI, strategic leadership, smart homes, IoT and cybersecurity. 

The selected students will be able to obtain valuable cutting-edge ICT knowledge developed by Huawei’s Headquarters and experience a cross-cultural communication virtually. The Seeds for the Future program has been Huawei’s flagship CSR program dedicated to top STEM and non-STEM students worldwide for social-enterprise partnership goals in Pakistan, since the first batch of Pakistani students traveled to China in 2015. The aim of the program, which has been active in over 130 countries, & regions since its inception in Thailand, has been to nurture upcoming STEM talent from around the world. So far 8,774 students are part of the Seeds for the Future alumni, and female participation in the program is almost one-third. 

With 70+ pre-recorded & live courses covering topics such as science & technology, economics, humanities, and CSR, it’s not surprising that over 3000 participants joined last year. 

The ICT industry is one of the fastest-growing in Pakistan and the world. The demand for qualified and market-ready professionals in the field is growing rapidly — it is becoming a need, in our burgeoning online-based globalized reality. Programs such as Seeds of the Future address this long-term possibility of deficiency with appropriate foresight. 

To register for the program: www.seedsprogramme.hec.gov.pk

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