How to get Duplicate Academic Certificates or Degrees in Pakistan?

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Duplicate Academic Certificates or Degrees in Pakistan

Have You Lost Your Degree Certificates? Here’s How to get Duplicate Academic Certificates in Pakistan?

If you have lost your degree certificate by chance you can request for the duplicate Academic certificates from the examination register.  It is true that some unfortunate incidents may occur in someone life and they lost their valuable things– including an individual’s academic certificates and degrees. It’s human to blunder and this implies it is conceivable to accept that one out of ten individuals may have left the document at a counter, put the record in the wrong heap amid the spring cleaning day, left the document in the open transport, or other such calamities.

So if you lost your academic certificates by chance here is the complete details on how you can get them back or have the duplicate academic certificates?

In any case if you lost your matric certificates, academic certificates of your degrees, it is fundamental to record a FIR at the police headquarters and give an advertisement in newspapers to bring into open’s information that your reports are lost.

FIR and to publish an advertisement in a newspapers are actually very much essential as they work as the records that are required by each board that engages the demand for duplicate degree or academic certificates. What’s more, a similar procedure – of documenting a FIR and distributing an advertisement in a newspapers ought to be pursued on the off chance that one wishes to hold up a copy mark sheet application.

For having the duplicate academic certificates HEC Demands FIR and advertisement proofs;

The HEC would require the first FIR alongside the newspaper advertisement the declaration of lost degree and the certificates that will be issued by it will features the Duplicate of the original degrees or certificates.

The verification ask for the copy declaration of degrees – graduate and post graduate – that are endorsed by the HEC can be made either face to face or by post. The HEC enables the degree holder to name an individual – a genuine blood connection — who can contend the case for his/her benefit.

How to get the duplicate matric and intermediate certificates?

For copy matric and intermediate certificates, candidates can ask for the concerning board to issue the copy transcripts/mark sheet or certification. The form for the equivalent could be found at the official site of the board. The challan expense varies and will be mentioned once the form is submitted. The form may require your following subtleties, include name, father’s name, email address and contact number.

On the other hand those students who have done their intermediate from the foreign board can apply for the same through the official website of the board. Students who have completed O/A Levels can pursue the below mentioned process to request for a duplicate certificate.

Where a certificate is lost between the middle and the applicant, Cambridge English will issue a copy duplicate gave that:

An application for a substitution certificate is made recorded as a hard copy by the focal point of section within a year of the test date.

The examination center has endeavored to follow the declaration by means of the postal context.

It is over a half year since the test date.

While losing critical records is unpleasant, practically all educational institutions allowed the students for applying the duplicated of the academic certificate.

So if you by chance lost your degree or certificates you can have the duplicate of them by following the above mentioned procedure.

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