Illegal Benefit Provided to Angro by Allowing Import of LNG

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Illegal Benefit Provided to Angro by Allowing Import of LNG

Illegal Benefit Provided to Angro by Allowing Import of LNG. PPRA has expressed grave concern over a secret agreement reached between Sui Southern Gas Company and Angro Private Limited under the directives of ministry of petroleum on importing LNG worth billion of rupees; This agreement has been signed under the directives and permission of Prime Minister (PM) Shahid Khaqan Abbasi.

As per this agreement, Sui Southern Company has allowed Angro Company to import 200 MM Cubic feet LNG which means benefit of billion of rupees has been given to Angro company daily.Sources said PSO was directed in the past that to import 300 million square feet gas and provide it to LNG terminal which is owned by Ango company.

The government has now allowed to import 200 million square feet additional gas without inviting tenders. It means 500 square million feet LNG will be imported at Angro terminal. This way benefit of billion of rupees will be provided to Angro company on daily basis.

According to law a tender is invited through news papers for awarding contract of billion of rupees and PPRA laws have to be followed on this count.

On the other hand PM Shahid Khaqan Abbasi has allowed Ango company to import 200 MMF gas by not adhering to PPRA laws.

As per first agreement 300 MMCF million LNG gas is being imported and now 500 MMCF gas will be imported.

Sources said PM Abbasi is holding charge of ministry of petroleum and LNG agreement is also under the powers of PM. Now PM Abbasi is responsible for allowing more benefit to Angro company.

Shahid Khaqan Abbasi has signed agreement with Qatari government to import LNG at the rate of 13.37 dollars. On the other hand another international oil company ENI is agreed to sell LNG at the rate of 11.64 dollars.

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