IMC Satisfied With Local Fuel Standards: It’s Not Damaging Toyota Cars Efficiency

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IMC Satisfied With Local Fuel Standards: It’s Not Damaging Toyota Cars Efficiency

IMC Satisfied With Local Fuel Standards: It’s Not Damaging Toyota Cars Efficiency. We earlier reported you that Petrol In Pakistan Damaging Vehicles’ Engines.  The report conducted by the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) has revealed that the petrol available in Pakistan is damaging the engines of vehicles.

Last year Honda Atlas filed a complaint to OGRA had revealed that the local petroleum companies in Pakistan have been participating a lot in damaging the engines of vehicles due to the combination of petrol and harmful chemicals.

The local fuel manufacturing companies are are using harmful chemicals to increase the RON of petrol.

On the other hand the Indus Motors Company (IMC) has revealed Toyota Cars have no problems with local fuel standards and run efficiently.

IMC Pakistan assembled Toyota cars running very efficiently on existing petroleum products obtainable in the Pakistani market

IMC revealed that they have no issue regarding the current petroleum products standard in Pakistan.

While responding to a question “Does IMC have any complaints about the quality of petroleum sold in Pakistan?” the Chief Operating Officer at IMC Pakistan, Ali Asghar Jamali revealed that company has no complains about petroleum quality in Pakistan.

This question was prompted by recent reports in the media where a leading car maker accused that the oil marketing companies in Pakistan are selling the lower RON quality petrol which is damaging the engines of vehicles.

But the IMC revealed that the locally assembling Toyota cars and other vehicles based on the standards set by the government of Pakistan.

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