No More 100 Out Of 100 For Mobile Balance Of Non-Filers

Sumera Saeed

No More 100 Out Of 100 For Mobile Balance Of Non-Filers

The Federal Government has decided to deduct the tax on the mobile balance of the nom-filer. The government aims at expanding the tax net base in the country and now is preparing to deduct 75% tax from the load of Rs. 100 Card after the budget 2024-25.

Now the 75% tax on the mobile phone will be deducted on a load of Rs.100 and they will receive only Rs.25. The minister proposed the imposition of a 75% tax on mobile balance recharge by non-filers instead of the previous 2.5% on mobile balance by prepaid and post-paid customers, who are non-filers.

The telecom companies in Pakistan will deduct Rs.75 out of the Rs.100 balance of non-filers and pay it to the tax authority till they submit their tax returns. If they don’t pay tax even after SIM blockage they would have to pay an extra tax for any new one they purchased.

The non-filers will pay additional tax every time they recharge their SIM balance when they use their calling and mobile data plans.

Earlier, FBR issued a SIM Block List Online in Pakistan of more than 500,000 non-filers and directed the PTA and telecom operators to block the SIMs of non-filers in Pakistan. The companies have blocked nearly 11,500 SIMs of non-filers.

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