You Can Earn Profit in Dollars With Pakistan Banao Certificate Scheme: Here’s How to Apply?

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You Can Earn Profit in Dollars With Pakistan Banao Certificate Scheme: Here’s How to Apply?

Everything about the Pakistan Banao Certificate Scheme, details, how to apply, profit rate, and who is eligible?

Prime Minister Imran Khan inaugurated the Pakistan-Banao Certificate Scheme which will attract the overseas Pakistanis to invest in the economy of the country and also to earn profit under the scheme in dollars.

Prime Minister Imran Khan inaugurates Pakistan banao certificate scheme and those who receive certificates will get profit in dollars. According to details, Prime Minister Imran Khan announced that those Pakistani interested to invest their saving it’s a great opportunity for them to safely invest their savings with higher profits rates than United States, Europe, Gulf countries while helping build Pakistan.

While talking to the inauguration ceremony of the Pakistan Banao Certificate Scheme Prime Minister Imran Khan said that there was dire need to launch this kind of certificate scheme in the country. Overseas Pakistani have a great value of their country and to build the Shaukat Khanum Hospital in Pakistani they are the one to contribute first.

It is a ground-breaking ingenuity of Pakistan government to permit the Overseas Pakistanis to purchase the Certificates and their investments will not only drive Pakistan towards progress and prosperity but also they will be able to get profits from it, said the Finance Minister Asad Umar.

Pakistan Banao Certificate Scheme Details:

Those overseas Pakistanis having CNIC/NICOP or holders of POC having bank accounts are suitable to purchase the Pakistan Banao Certificates

They can make the minimum investment is $5000 and any fundamental multiples US$ 1000 in additional amount with no maximum limit.

Inverters will get the profit in US dollars (with the elected account abroad or in Pak Rupees in Pakistan).

Early encashment in PKR can be done anytime deprived of tax or disadvantage.

Under the certificate for 3 years plan the investors will be given 6.25 percent while the 5 years plan would be 6.75 percent payable bi-annually.

How to apply for Pakistan Banao Certificate?

To apply for the Pakistan Banao Certificate is very easy within few easy steps you can avail the certificate of your choice.

The investors first register themselves on the portal here.

After the successful registration they need to provide details regarding their investment and bank account.

The investors will be given the certificates electronically on receipt of funds in State Bank of Pakistan Account given on the portal.

The investor receives confirmation of the issuance of the certificates both through email and updation of their account on the portal.

The investors can view the status of their application by accessing the web-portal through their respective User ID and Password.

You Can Earn Profit in Dollars With Pakistan Banao Certificate Scheme: Here’s How to Apply?

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