Pakistan First Ever Eye Bank Will Be In Al-Shifa Trust Eye Hospital

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Pakistan First Ever Eye Bank Will Be In Al-Shifa Trust Eye Hospital

Pakistan First Ever Eye Bank Will Be In Al-Shifa Trust Eye Hospital. There is a good news for the people of Pakistan, the country’s first ever Eye Bank will be launched soon at Al-Shifa Trust Eye Hospital. Al-Shifa Trust Eye Hospital is establishing the Pakistan First Ever Eye Bank in collaboration with an American NGO Eversight Vision.

Both have signed an agreement and will collect corneal donations within the country and Eversight Vision also offer the latest equipment and impart necessary training to the doctors at the hospital.  Al-Shifa Trust Eye Hospital will be provided with the latest equipment to securely save and store cornea for research work and transplants.

All the modern facilities including removal of the cornea from the donor and testing the blood of the donor, and to store cornea for transplants will be offered in the premises at Al-Shifa Eye Hospital Rawalpindi.

Lt. Gen (Retd) Hamid Javaid, President of Al-Shifa Trust has revealed about the launch and collaboration with Eversight Vision to built Pakistan First Ever Eye Bank.

Hamid Javaid while talking to media said that the awareness campaign will be launched among peoples to motivate them to donate their eyes, as the lack of facilities, lack of awareness and cultural boundaries are biggest hurdles in the donation of an eye.

He said that due to all these hindrance Pakistanis have to dependent on the other countries. He added that although USA is providing Cornea free of cost but it takes $600 per cornea for the transportation in Pakistan.

He said they are conducting eighty corneal transplants per month but after the addition of modern facilities and the availability of Eye Bank the number of transplants will increase.

The Pakistan first ever Eye Bank will be operational within six months at Al-Shifa Eye Hospital Rawalpindi.

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