Pakistan’s 1st Ever Fitness Diagnostic Labs Launched with Fit3D Technology

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Pakistan's 1st Ever Fitness Diagnostic Labs Launched with Fit3D Technology

Silicon Valley’s revolutionary Fit3D technology enters the Pakistani market within 10 Fitness Diagnostic Labs nationwide and offers Pakistan’s 1st ever Fitness & Wellness Scan for only 1,995 rupees, soon available across 500 labs to be opened nationwide in 3 years.

Pakistan’s 1st ever “Fitness Diagnostic Lab” (FDL) recently showcased its cutting edge Fit3D technology at a Launch event. For the first time ever in Pakistan, Fitness Diagnostic Labs with the world-renowned Fit3D body scanning devices are launching across 50 locations nationwide, which includes 30 clinics of 3D Lifestyle (Pakistan’s largest medical aesthetics brand), gyms, fitness studios, hospitals, shopping malls, nutritionist clinics, physiotherapy clinics, sports centers, army training facilities, social clubs and other relevant locations. An introductory event was held in Karachi’s Ocean Mall, where a large audience, including celebrities, nutritionists, physiotherapists, aesthetic physicians and fitness gurus were given live demonstrations of the scan.

Fit3D is the world’s fastest growing 3D body scanning brand based out of Silicon Valley USA, currently located in 45 countries with a scan happening every 2.5 minutes worldwide. Just like getting prescribed a blood, urine or other medical tests when required at your local lab, you can now get a “Fitness and Wellness Test” for the first time in Pakistan at any of FDL’s locations nationwide.

Speaking on the occasion, FDL Founder and Country Head Dr Ibraheem Naeem said,

“Fit3D is the best diagnostic tool launched in Pakistan for the fitness and wellness industriesthat people will get married to for the rest of their lives as it shows them where they are and where they need to be in their fitness and wellness journeys. With Fit3D you look into the future because you don’t need to look in the mirror.”

Pakistan’s most well-known fitness instructor, Nusrat Hidayatullah, visited the FDL boothand gave a live demonstration of the scan. At least 100 spectators gawked as the Fit3D turntable spun Nusrat around 360 degrees within 35 seconds and harmless infra-red sensors scanned her body and sent her a fitness and wellness report within 2 minutes.Next, Nusrat opened up her report in her mobile phone and showed it to the spectators who were amazed to visualize so much detail on fitness and wellness metrics for the first time in Pakistan. They could see body measurements, body composition(fat and muscle mass), 3D avatars, posture analysis and wellness assessment metrics such as body shape rating, trunk to leg ratio, waist to hip ratio etc.

Pakistan's 1st Ever Fitness Diagnostic Labs Launched with Fit3D Technology

The report gives you a great starting point and an excellent tracker of your progress, whether you decide to work out and wish to visualize the changes in your fat or muscle composition, your avatar, or your body’s circumferential measurements, or you were to start a diet plan such as the all-famous “Keto Diet”, or you decide to engage yourself in physiotherapy sessions or orthopedic treatments and need to see the progress of your posture correction.Furthermore, this groundbreaking scan tracks even the minutest of changes in your body after brief periods of diet, exercise and posture correction activities, changes that you can never note when using the traditional methods of assessment such as looking in the mirror, standing on the weight scale and calculating your Body Mass Index. Tracking these minute changes motivates one to keep pursuing healthy lifestyle activities.

So essentially, FDL gives you a starting point in your fitness journey and will serve as a motivational tool for millions of Pakistanis out there who are frustrated with the slow progress of healthy diet, exercise and posture correction activities on their bodies.

Pakistan's 1st Ever Fitness Diagnostic Labs Launched with Fit3D Technology

One revolutionary application of this technology is in its ability to predict how likely you are to develop cardiovascular and other chronic diseases in the future. Once you know your status, you can work towards correcting the anomalies in your body in order to avoid grim outcomes in the future. At the moment, there is no single test in Pakistan that can predict future health outcomes like the Fit3D scan.

The event concluded successfully, with all in attendance impressed by their trials of the device. One attendee, Salma, said,

“This scan is for every individual, whether you are a fitness buff, weight watcher, or whether you’re a stay at home mom or take part in yoga or pilates. Fitness Diagnostic Lab will be your best guide throughout your fitness journey.”

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