Popular Indian TV Actress Embraces Islam To Marry Her Muslim Beau

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Popular Indian TV Actress Embraces Islam to Marry Her Muslim Beau

Popular Indian TV Actress Embraces Islam to Marry Her Muslim Beau. When love in air it doesn’t matter what your family values, religious boundaries, culture and traditions taught, to get the love becomes the priority. In India where the majority of people are Hindu, stern religious conflicts with Muslims that divided them for decades. But when loves rings nothing matters and love finds its way to get destination.

Same happened in the case of Dipika Kakar, who converted to Islam in order to marry her Muslim beau Shoaib Ibrahim. This popular Indian TV actress converted to Islam to marry her co-star Shoaib Ibrahim.

Dipika Kakar, the face of Indian drama ‘Sasural Simar Ka’ has tied the wedlock to her co-star Shoaib Ibrahim in a private yet glamorous ceremony.

She and Ibrahim were in relationship for seven years and now bond into a loving marital relationship.

As per the reports of local Indian media Dipika Kakar has converted to Islam and her new name is Faiza.

The couple was the most admired small screen couples and fall in love at the set of Nach Baliye where Shoaib Ibrahim proposed marriage to her.

Here have a look on the Wedding pictures of Popular Indian TV Actress Dipika Kakar and Shoaib Ibrahim.

Dipika-Kakar-Wedding-Pics-Daytimes-1 Dipika-Kakar-Wedding-Pics-Daytimes-3

Dipika-Kakar-Wedding-Pics-Daytimes-4 Dipika-Kakar-Wedding-Pics-Daytimes-5 Dipika-Kakar-Wedding-Pics-Daytimes-6 Dipika-Kakar-Wedding-Pics-Daytimes-10 Dipika-Kakar-Wedding-Pics-Daytimes-11 Dipika-Kakar-Wedding-Pics-Daytimes-13 Dipika-Kakar-Wedding-Pics-Daytimes-14 Dipika-Kakar-Wedding-Pics-Daytimes-15 Dipika-Kakar-Wedding-Pics-Daytimes-7 Dipika-Kakar-Wedding-Pics-Daytimes-8 Dipika-Kakar-Wedding-Pics-Daytimes-9

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