RON 97 Fuel Now Available in Pakistan

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RON 97 Fuel Now Available in Pakistan

RON 97 Fuel Now Available in Pakistan. In Pakistan there petrol pumps are selling the RON 92 and RON 95 fuel and now they will start selling the high quality petrol Research Octane Number 97 in order to provide a smooth and knock-free driving experience.

The petroleum ministry has planned to import the three different grades of high quality petrol including RON 92, RON 95 and in a bid to offer the higher grade in RON the Pakistan State Oil (PSO) has upgraded its products lineup with the introduction of the RON 97 high octane petrol under brand name “Altron X Hi- Octane 97”.

Pakistan State Oil is the first petroleum company in the country to introduce the higher grade in RON. The company has first launched the higher grade in RON for the very first time in November 2016 in Pakistan.

The new Altron X Hi- Octane 97 is promised to deliver the high performance, better mileage and smooth drive with the extended engine life and reduced maintenance costs of the vehicles.

The new RON 97 fuel by PSO will not only decrease the environmental impact but also generates low emissions.

The RON 97 fuel is efficiently better than the RON 95 fuel as the increase in the Research Octane Number in your vehicle offer the capability to resist auto-ignition also called, knocking. Thus with higher grade RON fuels in your ride, your engine would find it more difficult to auto-ignite as resistance is higher.

The RON 97 fuel is available at the selected outlets of PSO across the country.

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