Smartphone Addiction: For better or for worse

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Smartphone Addiction: For better or for worse

Smartphone Addiction: For better or for worse. The era we are living in is the era of technology. The technology seems to have overpowered the mankind of this age. Every day there is a new gadget and every other day there is more advance app for the gadgets.

Above every other thing, the obsession which has conquered the human brain is the outbreak of the Smartphone. The addiction of Smartphone has spread like a plague throughout the world. New generation seems to be spending their lives more on the social media through their devices rather than being in the society and participating in social events.

According to various studies, more than 37% of the adult users of Smartphone are highly addicted to it. Most of the people use their Smartphones to socialize with others, while some use it during their mealtime and there are few such people who carry their Smartphones to the bathrooms for use.

According to a psychologist, computer technologies can be addictive because they’re psychoactive, alter mood, and often trigger enjoyable feelings. Tormenting fact is that most of the addictives never realize that they have become a victim of their device. They fall into addiction gradually through a habit that is termed as “checking habit”, when they repetitively look at their device for thirty seconds or even less to access an app. This checking habit can even overpower one’s mind to such an extent that it can become a constant distraction and can result in hazards; serious traffic accidents or even family breakups for not being their properly when one is needed.

In order to get over the addiction and avoid trouble in life numerous theories have been proposed by various experts. Following the instructions or advises given by the researchers one can definitely save his productive time and life from being spoiled in the activity which is worth nothing in one’s life.

Do’s and don’ts while using Smartphone:

Most of the Smartphone users have become habitual of sleeping with their phones near their head or under their pillow. This is extremely dangerous habit as the Smartphone continuously emit radio waves which can largely affects ones brain while put aside in sleep. The phone should be kept at a safe distance even if it is put to be charged it should be charged at a safer place. Some people keep their phones to put an alarm to wake up at time; in that case the phone should be turned to airplane mode.

Some businessmen keep their phone in the pocket near to their heart. This is also hazardous. All the Smartphone companies including blackberry and iOs mention in their manuals that a least distance of 5/8th of inch should be kept between the Smartphone and the body. If one is ought to keep it with him during work it should be placed on the table-top or any place near.

It has become a custom to use phones while driving (cars or trains) or in elevators. This is also harmful as the metal sheets of cars, trains or the elevators work like microwave oven when radio waves are sent or received through them.

The phones should never be given to the kids, not even for playing games. As the radio waves travel through the skull bone of the kids (which is fragile and sensitive). So far no real consequences are known for long term exposure of EMF radiations on kids, but it is better to be safe than sorry.

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