Suzuki Alto Becomes the Best Car of 2021 in Pakistan

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Suzuki Alto Becomes the Best Car of 2021 in Pakistan

All About Suzuki Alto in Pakistan. Suzuki Alto Becomes the Best Car of 2021 in Pakistan. To purchase a car is somehow a tough job and people may keep in mind a few things regarding buying a new car like performance, fuel efficiency, spare parts availability, safety features, cost of ownership.

In Pakistan, the Suzuki Alto remains the most affordable car and people love to buy it due to its performance and affordability. Suzuki Alto arrived in the local market of Pakistan in 2019 priced at Rs. 8 to 9 lacs. It became among the top-selling cars in Pakistan with the 660cc engine and up till now, the sedan has not got more enhanced features and technology. In 2021, Pak Suzuki had sold 37,730  units, making it the top-selling hatchback. It is equipped with ‘Suzuki Green Technology’ and fuel economy lets you run 37km/liter.

Suzuki Alto Features


Suzuki Alto looks like a box and is measured at 3,395 mm in length with a width of 1,475 mm and a height of 1,490 mm. Its front end includes trapezium-shaped headlights with a grille and several four-sided openings on one side and a closed-end on the other accompanied by standard black bumpers. The front grille is small and it is the same on all three models of the Alto. Colored door mirrors and handles are only offered in the VXL variant.

On the other hand, the backlights are integrated into the bumper and the headlights and turn signals are integrated into one unit.


The new Alto has a 3-Stroke Cycle Engine with water cool technology that offers the riders a smooth and pleasant experience with 130 km/h fastest ride. The transition from zero to 60 km/hour just takes 13 seconds which is admirable for a small wagon with an average engine. It delivers 18 KM highway mileage and 20 KM city mileage with the 5 gears transmission (Auto Gear Shift).

Pak-Suzuki has also introduced a new security system in the new models and installed the Immobilizer devices in new models as this device will prevent vehicle theft.

Variants of Alto

It is available in three models VX, VXR, and VXL in Pakistan.

Available colors of Alto

It is available having five different colors including,

  • Cerulean Blue
  • Graphite Grey
  • Pearl Black
  • Pearl Red
  • Sand Beige
  • Silky Silver
  • Solid White

Suzuki Alto 2021 Price in Pakistan

  1. Alto VX Manual Petrol Model Price Rs. 1,113,000
  2. Alto VX Maunual Petrol Model Price Rs. PKR 1,335,000
  3. Alto VXR Automatic Petrol Model Price Rs. 1,521,000

Suzuki Alto Best Selling Car of 2021 in Pakistan

The most affordable vehicle Alto has become the best selling car of 2021 in Pakistan. As per the report by the Pakistan Automotive Manufacturers Association (PAMA) Alto is the best-selling car of 2021 in Pakistan as the  PSMC has sold 37,730 units in the fiscal year 2020-2021 (FY 20-21).

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