TECNO Pakistan Appoints Burque Corporation as ts Official Distribution Partner


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TECNO Pakistan Appoints Burque Corporation as ts Official Distribution Partner

TECNO Mobile Pakistan has joined hands with Burque Corporation as their official distribution partner in Pakistan. This new collaboration is being made to increase the distribution services in Pakistan to reach every customer on time bringing ease to loyal customers nationwide.

Burque is one of Pakistan’s Largest Sales Management and Distribution Companies of FMCG Brands. Burque entered the Telecom business earlier this year (2021) and is determined to make inroads in ICT going forward.

CEO Burque Corporation, Mr. Yayha Chawla expressed immense joy on this occasion.

“It is a moment of great joy today for Burque Corporation to be joining hands with TECNO – a leading consumer Mobile brand in Pakistan.” He further added, “Our objective is to add value to the Pakistan distribution landscape, ensure product availability with quality distribution services for our channel partners and open up new markets for TECNO in Pakistan.”

Kelvin Zeng, CEO of TECNO Mobile Pakistan, shared his views by saying: 

“We at TECNO are confident that this Burque-TECNO relationship will further strengthen the distribution landscape for our customers in Pakistan. The aim is to bring reliable and swift distribution for our beloved customers nationwide where they can trust that the devices will reach them faster and safer. We expect the sales mileage to increase many folds with this new collaboration along with our customer satisfaction.” 

TECNO works hard to provide the best quality and high-end smartphone devices to its customers in Pakistan. Previously, TECNO has worked with four renowned distributors from across Pakistan as official distribution partners. This new partnership is expected to bring immense success for both brands with distributions across Pakistan.TECNO shall keep bringing the best for its Pakistani consumers. 

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