Telenor Pakistan offers free LinkedIn Learning licenses for Jobseekers


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Telenor Pakistan offers free LinkedIn Learning licenses for Jobseekers

Telenor Pakistan offers free LinkedIn Learning licenses for Jobseekers to develop skill set of the future.

 In continuation of its efforts to provide relief during the COVID-19 pandemic, Telenor Pakistan has offered free LinkedIn learning licenses to 1,000 eligible applicants on a first come first serve basis. This will help the jobseekers benefit from the resources and opportunities available online to enhance their skills and seek relevant employment opportunities.

Telenor Pakistan will also open up its library of online learning courses and training via this platform. This initiative aims to equip professionals with the evolving skill set requirements and enable students to develop their skills aligned with the needs of future organizations.

A selection of over 15,000 courses on LinkedIn Learning along with Telenor Pakistan’s online courses are made available with separate learning paths for people out of work, those who need to upskill themselves to retain their jobs and students.

To ensure the professionals continue to strengthen their skills, a comprehensive range of courses and trainings are available on important digital competencies and each learning path is carefully curated by subject matter experts from Telenor. For students, it has been a challenging time especially to enter the job market therefore, learning from experts via LinkedIn Learning aims to improve their skills and give them an edge while applying for jobs.

“To help our fellow citizens to the best of our capacity, we are pleased to offer LinkedIn Learning licenses and open our library of online trainings to ensure those looking for employment opportunities stay relevant and equipped with the skill set of the future”, said Øystein Bakken, Chief Human Resources Officer, Telenor Pakistan. “Online learning has become a part of the new norm and we are pleased to provide this opportunity to help develop some of the most sought-after skills that will enhance the jobseekers’ portfolio in the long run.”

During this time, when navigating through the job market has become particularly challenging, Telenor Pakistan has offered this learning opportunity so job seekers may improve their career prospects.

This effort is in continuation of its pledge of PKR 1.6 billion towards COVID 19 relief efforts. To find out more about the eligibility criteria and application process, please visit:

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