The Citizens Foundation Launches a TV Show for Children Called “Ilm Ka Aangan” on PTV Teleschool”


The Citizens Foundation Launches a TV Show for Children Called "Ilm Ka Aangan" on PTV Teleschool"

The Citizens Foundation is producing and presenting a 45-minute colourful and engaging show for kids by the name of “Ilm Ka Aangan” (The Learning Courtyard). The show will be aired every Sunday at 11 a.m. on PTV Teleschool – a dedicated TV channel for virtual learning launched by the Ministry of Federal Education Pakistan. 

This programme is structured around early childhood education that TCF follows in its classrooms nationwide. Successive episodes will engage children through theme-based videos, activities, storytelling sessions by renowned actor Sania Saeed, physical exercise segments and much more. 

Regarding the collaboration and efforts Mr. Riaz Kamlani EVP and COVID-19 Response Lead at TCF said,

“TCF is a nationwide foundation with schools in the poorest, most vulnerable communities of the country. We understand that students who belong to these communities have little or no access to internet resources and therefore for them online learning is not a possibility. Our goal right now is to assist the government in its efforts so that the process of learning for children from less privileged communities can continue. Television-based learning programmes can help us achieve that.”

This effort is part of TCF’s COVID-19 Response Appeal – a Rs. 500 Million fund established to raise funds to battle the devastating impact of the coronavirus. TCF is providing immediate relief to impacted families in its school communities, providing essential medical equipment and protective gear to medical professionals and is ensuring continuity of learning for children currently forced to stay out of school due to the pandemic. 

You can watch the promo on this here.

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