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most important reason to visit Georgia

How long have you been inappropriately happy? Have you childishly clapped your eyes in surprise? How many times lately have strangers smiled at you and made you genuinely happy? Just like that: because the sky is clear, the sun is gentle, the mood is good.

If you lack all this – come to Georgia, rent a car at the Tbilisi airport and go!

Georgia is a country where antiquity and modernity coexist. It will enchant you with its lush, almost wild nature, surprise you with the vitality of ancient traditions and the originality of culture. And the bright national cuisine will delight any gourmet.

But the main value of Georgia is its incredibly hospitable people. They create an atmosphere of warmth, happiness and joy that is impossible to resist.

Even if you travel alone, you will not feel lonely in Georgia. Georgians are so friendly and easy to communicate with that it will not be difficult for you to make new friends. Georgians are famous for their openness and curiosity. As you get to know them, they are sure to remember a relative or acquaintance who has been there and will be proud to tell you about it. So Georgians look for “points of contact” and are happy when they find them, as if they had met an old friend. And Georgians know how to be friends like no one else.

In Georgia it is customary to say beautiful words and toasts about friendship – sincerely and seriously. They put friendship above all other relationships: love, politics. And the great Georgian work “The Knight in the Tiger’s Skin” is a vivid confirmation of this. The poem is about friendship first, and then about everything else. In a Georgian parable there are such words: “The poorest and unhappiest is the one who has no friend. And the happiest is the one who has many friends.

Local people treat guests as potential friends. They are not only ready to treat you, surround you with their attention and care, but they will always come to your aid. And no matter what your problem is, Georgians will try to help you as much as they can, involving both relatives and friends. And if they cannot help you, you can always count on friendly sympathy.

Georgians are cheerful and generous people. They are not afraid to express their emotions. The first thing you will notice when you arrive in Georgia is the widespread practice of hot hugs and kisses. It is customary to greet not only relatives and close friends, but also neighbors and colleagues. In this southern country, people say “you” not only to each other, but even to strangers. This is not tactlessness, it is a peculiarity of Georgian mentality – unconsciously we are all brothers and sisters.

It is impossible to be in Georgia and not see national dances, not hear songs. It seems that locals are singing and dancing everywhere and all the time. And it does not matter where it happens: on vacation in the nature, in a city cafe – it does not matter. If they want to sing, they sing; if they want to dance, they dance. And all this is in the order of things. This is how Georgians express their feelings and emotions. And you just have to enjoy the musicality and grace of the performers.

But the most important reason to visit Georgia is its amazing aura – a state of relaxation and peace. Here, life does not rush by, but flows slowly and smoothly around you. The locals are talkative and relaxed. For them, the meaning of life is life itself. Here and now – in all its manifestations. Georgians know how to enjoy almost everything: a morning cup of coffee, a chance meeting with an old acquaintance, the smile of a passing girl, etc. Perhaps this is the wisdom of life – to cherish every moment – not to hurry and fuss.

Just live and be happy!

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