Ufone Offers Call and Data Bundles within the Facebook App


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Ufone Offers Call and Data Bundles within the Facebook App

Ufone subscribers can now purchase call and data bundles within the Facebook app.

Pakistani telecom company Ufone has partnered with Facebook to launch Facebook Mobile Center, a customer engagement channel within the Facebook app that Ufone can use to deliver seamless, mobile data purchases and service experiences.  With Mobile Center, Ufone customers will be able to purchase Ufone call and data bundles right from the Facebook app and browser.

The launch of Mobile Center is part of Ufone’s long-term ambition of delivering greater ease and enablement to its customers through constant innovation and optimization of its digital products and services. The company has continuously worked to simplify its payments mechanism by introducing multiple digital channels, in addition to a countrywide top-up retailer network.

Ufone customers will be able to purchase call and data bundles within Facebook Mobile Center with just a few clicks. They can also opt for a U-Advance loan and purchase Airtime. To get started, customers can log in into their Facebook accounts through their browser or mobile app and tap or click on “Buy Data”. Next, they will be offered multiple data packages, where they can either purchase bundles or get a  U-Advance loan. Finally, they will need to click ‘Confirm’ to complete the transaction.

Facebook Mobile Center will open up an additional channel for Ufone customers and further simplify the purchasing process. 

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