PayPal and Skype Partnership Allows Users to Send Money

Sumera Saeed


Now you can easily send money to anyone anytime anywhere and that’s possible due to the partnership of PayPal and Skype.

Recently PayPal and Skype have made a partnership which allows video chat users to send money to anyone with just one tap.

According to Skype said that now users don’t have to switch between video chat service app and a banking app to send the money.

Now the video chat app users while chatting with friends and family can just swipe right, tap the send money icon, and send money in simple way.

For availing the PayPal and Skype Money transfer service you first need to upgrade your Skype mobile app for iOS or Android to the latest version.


On the other hand, the one who is receiving money can use any version of Skype video chat mobile app.

For sending money for the first time you need first to confirm your location.

If you and the receiver don’t own PayPal account the Skype mobile app will then direct you or the receiver to a new link so that you or the one on the receiving end can easily make a PayPal account.

The PayPal and Skype partnership will work in 22 countries, including the US, UK, Canada, and a number of European markets.

However the company has not yet confirmed when this new feature will be available for the Skype mobile app users in Asia, but it is expected that this feature will soon be available in Pakistan and other Asian countries.

Currently PayPal service is not accessible to Pakistanis but government is working on to bring PayPal to Pakistan.

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