Facebook to Celebrate #MonthOfGood this Ramadan


Facebook to Celebrate #MonthOfGood this Ramadan

As we begin another Ramadan in the midst of COVID-19, Facebook has announced to add a new list of resources and features to help the Muslim community celebrate the month while maintaining social distancing. Through these additions, people can also discover ways to show kindness and give back to their communities.

People can share their acts of good and connect with friends and family during Ramadan with new Instagram and WhatsApp stickers. There will be new avatar stickers available in the Facebook app, as well as new camera effects and stickers on Messenger and Messenger Kids. 

In a blog post published on Facebook’s Newsroom, they shared,

“Last year, our community exchanged more than 20 million “Happy Ramadan” posts and comments on Facebook, and WhatsApp video calls spiked on the first day of Eid. Despite the barriers to coming together in person, Ramadan remains a time for generosity, charity, and reflection. In 2020, people contributed twice as much to Ramadan-related fundraisers as they did in 2019 across Facebook and Instagram. This year, we’re inviting the more than 2 billion people observing Ramadan globally to honor this period through #MonthofGood”.

To kick off the #MonthOfGood, Facebook has also issued a list of ideas for people to start a pay-it-forward chain to share acts of good and inspire others to do the same.

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