How to Get Zong Double Number Offer?


How to Get Zong Double Number Offer?

Enjoy Zong Double Number offer on One SIM with the “Zong Doosra Number” service.

Zong 4G brings a double number” offer for both prepaid and postpaid customers who want to enjoy dual sim on a single mobile phone. Using the Zong double number on a single SIM is an extremely good idea if you are using a single SIM mobile phone.

If you are looking for what is a double number? How can you use two numbers on one SIM? Can you get Zong doosra number offer? How you can check the other number in Zong? You are at the right place.

In this article, we will discuss how you can use two numbers on one SIM with Zong “Doosra Number” offer.

What is  Zong “Doosra Number”?

Doosra number offer by Zong 4G is a superb offer by the Chinese telecom company because under this offer you can enjoy the two numbers at the same time on a single sim mobile phone. So you no more need to have the two handsets and also you can differentiate between your personal and business numbers.

Now you can enjoy double number on one SIM with Zong double number Service. In order to fulfill the communication needs of customers between personal and business friends the Chinese cellular operator brings the double number offer in Pakistan for its customers who are using single sim mobile phones.

The Double Number offer is not new almost all the Telecom companies in Pakistan are offering this service to their customers so they can enjoy the personal and business gossip separately.  

Zong 4G is providing a special code to subscribe to a double number service and by dialing the code users can get a double number on a single sim.

For using the double number of the single SIM you just need to dial the doosra number code which we have mentioned below.

How can you avail Zong double number?

The Zong 4G prepaid and postpaid customers can avail of this offer of doosra number on a single sim by dialing code 4600.

You can also send SMS SUB to 4600 from your Zong Number.

Once you subscribe to the service the system will randomly select a number from the Doosra Number inventory. You will get the confirmation SMS on your Number.

How to unsubscribe Zong Doosra Number service?

To unsubscribe from the Zong double number offer by Zong you need to dial 4600.

You can also type Unsub and send it to 4600.

Zong Doosra number charges for the prepaid customers:

 For Zong double-number subscription you need to pay charges on daily basis. But the charges are very low and affordable. The details of the charges are as follows:

Primary number calls and SMS charges deduction depends on the customer’s tariff plan

The call charges are Rs.1.60+Tax/minute

SMS charges are Rs. 0.50+Tax/SMS

Subscription charges – Rs.1.00+Tax/Day

4600 IVR charges are Rs.0.20+Tax/minute

SMS to 4612 will be charged Rs.0.20+Tax/SMS

Zong Doosra number charges for the postpaid customers:

 The details of charges for the Zong postpaid customers are as follows:

Primary number calls and SMS will be charged as per the customer’s tariff plan

The call will be charged Rs.1.60+Tax/minute

SMS will be charged Rs. 0.50+Tax/SMS

Subscription charges – Rs.30+Tax/month

4600 IVR will be charged Rs.0.20+Tax/minute

SMS to 4612 will be charged Rs.0.20+Tax/SMS

How to use the Zong doosra number?

In order to make a call and sms for the Zong 4G doosra number you need to dial 46 before the desired number.

For example:

Normal Number: 0311-XXXX456

Doosra Number: 460312-YYYY456

The same is the way for sending sms with the doosra number just type your text and dial 46 before the number you want to send sms.

How does block call on the Zong doosra number?

You just need to dial “help” and send it to 4600.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Zong doosra number offer is available for prepaid and postpaid customers.
  • You cannot share the balance with the second number.
  • You cannot make international calls with the second number.
  • An advance Income Tax (AIT) rate of 12.5% applies on every recharge
    A sales tax (GST) of 19.5% on usage applies

For more information and queries about the Zong double number visit the official website.

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