9 Legitimate Ways to Earn Money Online in Pakistan 2023


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9 Legitimate Ways to Earn Money Online in Pakistan 2023

Looking for ways to earn money online in Pakistan? We’ve got you covered. The current economic condition has led to a breakout in searches relating to online earning methods. Whether you are a student, housewife, or a salaried person, there is something for everyone here. According to Forbes, the e-commerce industry has crossed trillions of dollars, which means a lot of opportunities to take your piece of the cake.

How to earn money online in Pakistan?

The online industry has widespread branches in every sector. Just like there are different jobs and business models physically, there are even more opportunities online. I’ve shortlisted some of the best and easy ways to start making money online in Pakistan.

#1 Content writing

If you have a good grip on some niche, you can start your online journey by writing content. As long as people read online, content writing can always be around.

Finding a good content writer in Pakistan is challenging. For good content creation, some businesses in Pakistan hire international writers, but they are too costly, which might break the bank. It can be a business opportunity if you can assist these businesses by offering high-level writing at a comparably low rate.

How do I start my career as a content writer?

There are a lot of platforms where you can find good companies. You can also start your career as a freelancer on different platforms.

Join Facebook Groups

Facebook is an epicenter of online earning groups because you can skip signing up and filling out long-form pages to start posting.

New businesses seek good content writers in Facebook groups. I’ve personally hired people from Facebook groups and given them work. It is a great interface for “online earning in Pakistan“.

Join Rozee App

Rozee app is Pakistan’s biggest job offering application where employers meet employees. You can download the app from the app store and apply for the content creator job. You must complete all necessary information and a professional profile picture to increase your approval chances.

Explore LinkedIn

LinkedIn is an unpopular yet effective method to get yourself a great job. You will meet CEOs and co-founders who will pay you more on acceptance.

The first step includes accurately filling out your information and engaging with relevant businesses.

#2 Creating Subtitles

You can start an online money-making journey by creating subtitles for Youtube videos. There are a lot of people that want to target an international audience, and they need a valid subtitle creator.

You can also join platforms like Transcribeme to find relevant opportunities. If you want to freelance, you can join freelancing platforms like guru and Upwork to get going.

You can also pitch YouTubers for subtitles creation. An example includes someone creating videos in Urdu that could be outreached for creating subtitles in English for international engagement.

#3 Guest Posting

Guest posting is a search engine optimization strategy where website owners write and submit content for publication. When the article is successfully published, website owners experience improved brand awareness and more conversions.

How do I start guest posting to earn money?

Backlinks are still the most important SEO ranking factor, and businesses need guest posts to rank well on Google. You can start earning by following:

Search for a good website.

You need a good website for the proposal to pitch website owners to submit content for publication. A website typically has good traffic, high DA, and a clean backlink profile. 

After identifying a profitable website, you can mark a commission on each sale.

Contact guest post admin

After getting the order, you can contact the real owner of the guest post and pay for publication. For example, if the guest website owner asks for $10 for each post, you can take $15-$20 from businesses.

The content is produced by the company buying the guest post. However, if they want you to write on their behalf, you can charge extra money for it.

#4 Cold marketing

Cold marketing is the most underestimated way to earn money in Pakistan. The practice involves collecting mass emails from scraping software and sending emails promoting a product on a commission.

Although the conversion rate is still very low, it is free money. You need patience and consistency to get going because you can experience no sales even after sending thousands of emails.

You can use software like Gmass and Outscraper to research analytics and collect legitimate businesses relating to your product. You can also insert your affiliate link in the outreach email or pitch guest posting service.

The conversion rate is normally 0.1%- 0.5% or less.

#5 Profitable paid marketing

There are two paid methods to market a product online: Paid marketing and profitable paid marketing.

Paid marketing means paying money to increase brand awareness or engagement with your products. You are spending a lot of money to raise awareness.

Profitable paid marketing means you are paying money to market a product and getting more sales than you spent. For example, if you spend Rs. 2000 daily on Facebook to promote a book about ” How to earn money online in Pakistan,” the book costs Rs. 350.

If you get ten orders by paying Rs. 2000 to Facebook, you earn a total of Rs. 3500 in revenue, called profitable paid marketing.

You are not just getting brand awareness, but you are also earning from it. Isn’t it the best way to make money online in Pakistan?

Profitable paid marketing is not a piece of cake; you can join online digital marketing courses to learn strategies that can pay you for life.

#6 Paid surveys

It is very easy, and the income is comparably low. You can spend half an hour completing surveys or an easy task to earn online.

The income is slow but steady. International companies start a survey before launching a new product or service; it gives them an idea about what people need and what they think about a particular service.

After completing surveys, you get a few bucks depending on the length of the survey. Your location is another factor in how much you make. A person based in the US earns more than an individual from Pakistan.

How to earn from paid surveys

You can join online earning websites like SurveyJunkie or Ysense to participate in online surveys. In Ysense, you can build a team through your referral link and get a lifetime commission on what your referral earns.

You can earn a little commission when your referred member completes surveys, but you don’t get what they make through their referrals.

Note: It is important to check these companies’ payout methods before signing up. The reason is that some online earning apps pay through Paypal only, which restricts receiving money. However, Ysense also pays through Payoneer, which is available in Pakistan.

#7 Become a graphic designer

You can start your journey by creating online logos, banners, digital prints, and business cards. Many websites allow you to apply for jobs and earn a good amount of money.

A website like 99design is a trustworthy source for graphic designing where you can meet like-minded people. If you are creative and create attractive designs, you can sign up for 99 designs.

Canva can also assist in creating premium logos in a few clicks. You can buy a paid subscription and implement your creativity into pre-existing templates.

You can also create a profile on Fiverr, as logo designers get thousands of orders daily. 

#8 Online Podcasting

You can start online podcasting if you are social and have good connections. The podcasting trend is on the rise in Pakistan.

You can invite popular social media personalities and interview them.

You can create profiles on websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube. You can monetize your Youtube channel to earn passive income through your online videos. It doesn’t end here; companies also approach you to promote their products.  

#9 Start online kitchen

You can set up an online kitchen on Foodpanda. If you love to cook, you can also earn passive income from it. There are a few steps you can take to start your business on foodpanda:


Most people need to correct this part. People tend to start similar things over and over again. You must introduce some food items that make you good money and are new in your town.

You can install the food panda app and check nearby restaurants and kitchens to know what is missing. You can start filling the gap through your online kitchen.

Kitchen set up

After identifying potential selling food items, set up your kitchen on food panda and in your home. If you are about to put food items online, make sure you have all the ingredients and equipment in hand because people read reviews and ratings before ordering.

Even if you are a great cook, you can only get orders if your ratings are above average.

Once the order is placed, you can start making the ordered item and delivering the food to the rider in time.

#9 Online Teaching

Online teaching pays you a handsome amount of money. The reason is simple; overseas Pakistanis search for Pakistani-based teachers to study.

It is because the cost of hiring a Pakistani teacher is very low compared to what other countries charge. On the other hand, Pakistanis are paid in dollars, and that converts into lakhs.

It is a win-win situation for both students and teachers. There are a lot of apps where you can find online students if you have a good grip on any particular subject.

There is a lot more than teaching. You can get paid by teaching Urdu to overseas Pakistanis as well.

The screenshot above is an example of how many orders online teachers get on the freelancing platform.

#10 Voiceover actor

Online earning as a voiceover actor is as easy as having a tongue. You only need an efficient recording mic and a quiet place to record voiceovers.

There are countless services on Upwork and freelancer.pk as well. Companies hire voiceover actors to create engaging videos for their promotional efforts. You can do voiceover in any language you want.

You would be surprised to see hundreds of orders processed in Urdu/Hindi online.

Summary of online earning in Pakistan

I’ve listed the trending and easy ways to get started online. There are thousands of other ways you can explore that might interest you.

The difficulty and income come hand-in-hand. If you want to make money, prepare yourself for a sleepless night. If you are a beginner, start slow and choose an easy way. When I began my journey for online income, it took me more than two years to score my first payment.

If you have any questions going through your mind, you can ask them in the comment section.

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