Best Skin Specialists in Pakistan

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Best Skin Specialists in Pakistan

Looking for the best skin specialist in Pakistan you are right here. In this article, you will find complete detail about skin specialists in Pakistan. Here we have combined a list of skin specialists in Lahore, skin specialists in Karachi, skin specialists in Islamabad, skin specialists in Multan and skin specialists in Peshawar.

A Skin Specialist is a doctor who deals with all types of problems related to skin, hair and nails. If you have any skin problem you can visit the skin specialist near you to treat all types of skin problems, hair problems and nail problems.  A skin specialist deals with medical and surgical treatments and helps you to treat problems like acne, pimples, pigmentation, dark spots, wrinkles, and many other skin problems.

He not only treats but also prescribes to further prevent these skin problems. If you are very much possessive about your skin and at the same time want to have problem-free skin that looks pretty and gorgeous must consult any of these skin specialists near you.

For this purpose today we have made a list of some of the best skin specialists in Pakistan that are easily available in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Peshawar and Multan. Here is a list of best Skin Specialists in Pakistan that can help you in getting rid of all types of skin problems.

Here is the complete contact details of the skin specialists in Lahore, skin specialists in Karachi, skin specialists in Islamabad, skin specialists in Multan and skin specialists in Peshawar, check out the list below;

Skin specialists in Lahore

1. Dr. Ahsan Kambob Skin Specialist

Qualifications: M.b.b.s England Specialist Skin in Canada Bromptown. Ontario

Phone Number: 00923053081708

2. Dr. Atif Kazmi Skin Specialist

City: Lahore

Phone Number: 0092 (42) – 7581199

3. Dr. Afshan Siddique Skin Specialist

City: Lahore

Phone Number: 0333-4343331

4. Dr.Tanveer Gillani Skin Specialist

City:  Lahore

Phone Number: 92 42 586 9660, +92 42 516 0107

5. Dr. Tariq Zaman

City: Lahore

Phone Number: (+92-42) 7449791-95

6. Dr. Sayed Atif Hasnain Kazmi

City: Lahore

Phone Number: (+92-42) 5862793

7. Dr. Sabrina Sohail

City: Lahore

Phone Number: (+92-42) 5864495

Skin Specialist in Karachi

1.Dr. Nosheeba Salman

City: Karachi

Qualifications: MBBS, AAAM (USA), D.Derm (UK), Cosmetologist, Dermatologist

Phone Number: 0300-5004173, 051-2817271, 051-2817272, 021-35240405, 021-35240406

2. Dr. Shagufta Baig

City: Karachi

Qualifications:   MBBS, PG Dip. Dermatlogy (UK), PG Cert. Aesthetic Surgery

Phone Number: 021-35171191

3. Dr. M Salman Khan

City: Karachi

Qualifications: D.H.M.S R.H.M.P.

Phone Number: 03236633008

4.Dr. Daulat Pinjani

City: Karachi

Qualifications: M.B.B.S. M.C.P.S. (Derm, V.D.)

Phone Number: 0341-4455578 (Taj) / 0341-4455579 (Grand Square

5. Dr. Hamid Zaki

City: Karachi

Phone Number: 0092 (21) 34824250 / 34824251 / 34824252 / 34824253

6.Dr. Humaira Agha

City: Karachi

Phone Number: 0092 (21) 99261810-20 / 34691159-62

Skin Specialists in Islamabad

1.Dr.RAna Irfan

City: Islamabad

Qualifications: M.D. MBBS. PAK

Phone Number: 00923005017478

2.Dr. Azeem Alam Khan

City: Islamabad

Phone Number: 0300-5384628

3.Dr. Hassa Feroze

City: Islamabad

Phone Number: 0334-3259043DR.

4. Ajmal Zaidi

City: Islamabad

Phone Number: 0092 (51) 2854595 / 2255880

5. Dr. Zeeshan

City: Islamabad

Phone Number: (+92 51) 2352990-94-78-79

6. Dr. Shahid Abbas

City: Islamabad

Phone Number: (+92-51) 2275210

Skin Specialist in Peshawar

1. Dr. Irshad Hakim

City: Peshawar

Phone Number: (+92 91) 221124

2. Dr. Raza Mohammad Khan

City: Peshawar

Phone Number: 0092 (91) – 41444

3. Dr. Khadim Ullah Kheyal

City: Peshawar

Phone Number: 0300-9347013

4. Dr. Prof.Azer Rasheed

City: Peshawar

Phone Number: (+92 91) 3005942418

5. Dr. Humaira Gilani

City: Peshawar

Phone Number: 0315-9455745

6. Dr. Duree Kamil

City: Peshawar

Phone Number: 0092 (91) – 275717

Skin Specialist in Multan

1. Dr. Syed Mustansar Zaidi

City: Multan

Phone Number: 00601133337668

2. Dr.Khrram Iqbal Chaudhary

City: Multan

Qualifications: MBBS, D.Derm, VDC, MScDermatology (UK)

Phone Number: 03134585100, 0614585100

3. Dr. Iqbal Chaudhary

City: Multan

Phone Number: (+92 61) 4585100

4. Dr. Shazia Zubair

City: Multan

Qualifications: M.B.B.S., M.C.P.S, F.C.P.S (Dermatology)

Phone Number:  0336-6107959

5. Dr. Mustansar

City: Multan

Qualifications: MBBS,FRCM(USA),D-Dermate(Thailand)

Phone Number: 00601133337664

So there are some of the best skin specialists in Pakistan who are working in different hospitals in Pakistan and also running their clinics in different areas. You can either visit them in hospitals in Pakistan and can also book the appointment of a skin specialist near you by calling at the given phone number of each skin specialist. They will facilitate you through to the accurate diagnosis and treatment of the disease.

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