How to Get COVID-19 Vaccine Certificate in Pakistan?

Sumera Saeed

How to Get COVID-19 Vaccine Certificate in Pakistan?

Everything you need to know about the COVID-19 Vaccine Certificate in Pakistan, how you can get this certificate and what you can do with it?

Hello, readers if you are in search of the COVID-19 Vaccine Certificate in Pakistan and also want to know what is the purpose of this Vaccine Certificate and what you can do with this certificate? you will be provided all the information in this article.

First of all the Covid-19 vaccination is now become mandatory in Pakistan and all the citizens are required to go through it otherwise their entry in shopping malls, restaurants, parks and etc will be banned, and even their mobile phones and sim cards will be blocked by the government.

Since the COVID-19 vaccination process in Pakistan picks up speed and the figure of vaccinated people raises daily, therefore the most common questions on people’s minds are this: what is the purpose of the Vaccine Certificate and how do they get it?

All the Pakistani citizens who got both doses of COVID-19 vaccination are now eligible to get the Covid-19 vaccination certificate.

They can get the vaccination certificate by visiting the NADRA offices and also can get it online by paying a small fee.

So let’s have a look at how you can get this certificate online and what to do with this certificate?

What is the COVID-19 vaccination certificate?

This certificate is actually awarded to people as proof that they have taken both doses of the vaccination and now they are safe to go anywhere. The National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) has taken the responsibility to issue the Vaccination certificate to the Pakistani Citizens for both double and single doses of coronavirus vaccines.

How to get the COVID-19 Vaccine Certificate in Pakistan?

If you are a resident of Pakistan and have taken either single or a double dose of coronavirus vaccines you are eligible to apply for it.

You just need to visit the NADRA offices near you to get it after showing the CNIC card.

Charges of COVID-19 Vaccine Certificate in Pakistan:

You just need to pay PKR 100 for the vaccine certificate either you get it from the NADRA office and download it online.

How to download the COVID-19 Vaccine Certificate Online?

You can also download the vaccine certificate online log on to the NIMS website and enter their CNIC number and CNIC issuance date.

You just need to visit NIMS website and click on the “Corona Certificate Button” after filling the form successfully Click on “Enter button”.

Now proceed to payment and complete your payment of PKR 100 by debit/credit card.

Print payment receipt and click continue

Review the information

Download your certificate

In the case of re-print the vaccination certificate, you need to again visit the NIMS website and re-enter your details and it will take you directly to the re-print option directly.

How change details on vaccine certificate?

You can also change the details on the vaccination certificate if they are mentioned incorrectly like your name spellings, passport number or nationality, etc. You can do it just by visiting the NIMS website and re-entering your accurate details.

What to do with the Covid-19 Vaccine Certificate?

This certificate is essential for all the citizens of Pakistan and it will provide safe access to them throughout Pakistan and other countries.

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