What’s In My Bag With Sumera Saeed

Sumera Saeed

What’s In My Bag With Sumera Saeed

Do you want to know what is there in the bag of a modern girl? A girl’s bag is her partner that she cannot leave. Whenever leaving home a girl must have a handbag full of accessories.

The packed purse has all the stuff she will need in the day. It is not about just the makeup, mascara, lipstick, pancake and all but there is something that makes a girl’s handbag a perfect choice. It also varies due to individual needs but still, most of the accessories are common.

So the purse becomes the tool kit to face any situation that comes the way. Today I will share with our precious readers what’s in my bag with Sumera Saeed. I make sure always to have all the below-mentioned accessories in my bag to cope with the unwanted situation.

So girls make sure to have these things in your handbag before you go out.

1. Tissue Paper

Tissue paper can clean the mess up. You can use it for facial cleaning, hand drying or cleaning, for a runny nose, and for several other purposes. A small pack of tissue paper or napkins must be there in the purse. Everyday use of facial tissue is a nice choice.

2. Safety Pins

The safety pin is the wise choice to have in your purse. You can use it in case any button pops or the lock of the necklace breaks down you can use the safety pin. It can also help in case you have any problem with your sandals and you cannot find a cobbler. Safety pins are life lifesavers.

3. Lipstick

Natural colour or your regular use of lipstick must be in your purse. Lip balm, lip gloss or lipstick makes you look fresh and the touch-up will not make you dull as the day ends.

4. Extra pair of earring stopper

In case you lose any stopper or earring back you should have an extra pair to not lose your earring.

5. Mirror

You do not have to go to the washroom every time to see how you are looking. You can look at your face in your portable little mirror in your purse to ensure nothing has happened to your face.

6. Bandage

For cuts and scrapes, you must have a first-aid bandage with you. Maybe you need them for your heels when you wear new shoes or when you break your nails accidentally. You can also help others.

7. Mint gum

For a refreshing fragrance and to avoid and bad breath always keep mint gum in your purse.

8. Snack

While waiting for lunch you may feel some carving. A healthy snack including almonds, hazelnuts, cashew nuts and roasted chickpeas in your purse is good to have. Sometimes you need them for no reason and after having snacks you feel energized.

9. Stain remover or bloating paper

A stain of coffee tea or oil looks really bad and leaves a bad impression. If you accidentally drop something on your dress you can utilize the stain remover or bloating paper. You can also help your friend or colleague who will be thankful to you for this. You can have instant stain remover for this purpose.

10. Hand sanitiser

Public toilet soaps and hand wash are not healthy to use. You may have your own hand sanitizer with some moisturizer and vitamin E that will keep your skin fresh and your hand won’t get dry.

11. Lotion, moisturizer, or sunscreen

Lotion, sunscreen, or moisturizer is an additional thing that you can carry in your purse for skin protection. You can have a small bottle for travelling or regular use in your purse.

12. Makeup

Every girl knows what makeup products she will need. You may like to wear mascara or eyeliner or kajal all the time that you will need to have in your purse. The basic makeup products should be with you.

13. Pain killer pills

Never get tired due to a headache. Always take painkiller pills in your bag. Maybe someone asks you for one.

So girls these are the most important things that I always keep in my bag. Hope you would like it. Please share your precious comments below.

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