Best Ladies Handbag Brands in Pakistan


Best Ladies handbag brands in Pakistan

Best Ladies handbags are one of the most important accessories for women. Whenever a Pakistani woman plans outside, be it as a housewife, worker, or student, the best ladies’ handbags are essential. Carrying a Best Ladies handbag is a fashion statement for them. Various ladies’ bag brands are currently designing handbags in Pakistan, which come in a range of sizes, shapes, colors, materials, and designs.

Some handbag brands are manufactured purely for daily use, while others make luxury, stylish, and sophisticated ladies’ handbags in Pakistan. Therefore, choosing just one ladies’ bag brand is extremely difficult. Whether a bag brand is locally produced in Pakistan or abroad, both the designs and the quality of the bag conform to the standards of that brand.

Here are some of the best handbag brands in Pakistan

  1. Limelight

  2. Gul Ahmed

  3. Khaadi

  4. Borjan

  5. Stylo

  6. Nishat

  7. Breakout

  8. Jafferjees

  9. ECS

  10. Sapphire

  11. Mango

  12. Astore

  13. Zellbury


In order to stay up to date with Pakistan’s fashion trends, Limelight is dedicated to offering premium bags for ladies at fair prices. It offers seasonal fashionistas of all ages with eye-catching, daring, and colorful casual bags. It is possible to find fascinating materials that range from simple to complex. You may purchase a wide variety of bags for formal and informal occasions at extremely low prices, in contrast to other ladies’ bag brands in Pakistan. Limelight provides different ranges of bags, including metallic finished bags, small purses, mobile pouches, two-toned handbags, knotted handbags, and quilted bags.

Gul Ahmed

Enjoy the amazing assortment of handbags from Gul Ahmed’s collection. In addition to clothing and footwear, GulAhmad creates elegant bags with captivating patterns. This store offers a great selection of reasonably priced bags and purses that are large enough to hold everything you need. Their elegant handbags will satisfy your sense of style at any occasion, including weddings, formal events, informal get-togethers, and other functions. Gul Ahmed provides different ranges of bags, including fancy purses, handbags, canvas bags, leather wallets, and tote bags.


One of the best ladies handbag brands in Pakistan is Khaadi Bags, which annually offers beautiful hand-woven embroidered bags. Khaadi bags have a pattern similar to that of Khaadi clothing, with vivid colors. As a result, their bags can go well with Pakistani traditional and modern styles. For every celebration in Pakistan, including weddings, Eid, and informal get-togethers, Khaadi provides vibrant, floral, printed, embroidered, translucent, formal, and informal bags.


In terms of both quality and style, Borjan is one of the old ladies bag brands in Pakistan that you can rely on. This brand was created to offer the best contemporary handbags available in Pakistani fashion and never let its clients down by following the newest trends in fashion in 2023. Pure and elegant leather bags in various styles are made by Borjan to store your everyday accessories. For any formal event, such as a wedding or Eid, Borjan’s glittering fancy purse collection can enhance your elegant ensemble. Borjan offers different ranges of bags, such as bridal clutches, leather shoulder bags, long strap bags, wallets, and fancy purses.


In Pakistan, Stylo is yet another fashion icon. Whether a Pakistani woman works in an office, attends college, or stays at home, the elegant and sophisticated handbags from Stylo are a great option. Their purses are affordable, quirky, and fashionable all at once. The brand uses premium materials in its bags, guaranteeing not only their longevity but also their aesthetic appeal. So seize these adorable Stylo purses. Stylo’s bags collection includes kids’ bags, travel bags, backpacks, mobile pouches, shoulder bags, handbags, and wallets.


One of the most well-known ladies bag brands in Pakistan is Nishat Linen, which creates premium bags with eye-catching patterns. For every season, it primarily offers leather and fabric bags. The newest bag collection from Nishat features eye-catching hues, top-notch materials, high-quality zippers, and reasonable prices. They provide a range of sophisticated, fashionable, and easy-to-carry bags. They can be used on a regular basis or for festive events like Eid, parties, and weddings. You can even use them at work. Nishat offers a range of bags, such as vanity bags, handbags, backpacks, shoulder bags, wallets, and clutches.


Jafferjees is one of the best handbag brands in Pakistan. It offers contemporary handbags for ladies in Pakistan along with clothing in the Western style. Quality and inventiveness are invariably combined with a node of style at Jafferjees. Pakistani young girls always adore their entire bag collection. Upgrade your girly look with their chic, fashionable, lightweight, and comfy handbags. With their stylish, comfortable, lightweight, and fashionable handbags, you can up your girly style. Jafferjees provides a range of bags such as wallets, hiking bags, stripped shoulder bags, travel as, handbags, and crossbody bags.


In Pakistan, Mango is a modest ladies’ bags brand that is very well known for providing young Pakistani girls with a variety of fashionable and distinctive bags and purses. They consistently add high-quality imported items to their variety of bags, giving them an annual Western flair. Mango bags come in a wide variety of vivid colors, chunky chains made of gold or silver, leather straps on some, and beltless options on others. It offers different ranges of bags, including gym bags, mini pouches, crossbody bags, shoulder bags, and zipper wallets.


In Pakistan, ECS is a top fashion retailer for Pakistani women, operating in nearly 45 Pakistani cities. ECS provides ready-to-wear bags that can be used formally or casually and can easily hold your most valuable possessions.ECS offers a large selection of fancy, plain, and multicolored women’s handbags to satisfy every Pakistani woman’s need. In addition, the brand offers printed, embroidered, and sequential motives to go with your elegant outfit for formal events like weddings in Pakistan. ECS provides different kinds of bags, such as backpacks, Leather handbags, wallets, Embroidered purses, and fancy clutches.


For the majority of us, sapphire bags are also the greatest option. Sapphire handbags are a favorite among Pakistani girls because they combine style and elegance in a single item. Every season, Sapphire offers a unique selection of bags that will elevate your entire ensemble. Complement your Eastern and Western ensembles with Sapphire comfortable, carry-along, and long-lasting bags, whether you’re a working woman or attending college. Sapphire offers different kinds of bags such as bucket bags, printed bags, Long strap bags, Embroidered bags, fancy clutches, handbags, and fancy potli.


Metro is one of the best Ladies’ handbag brands in Pakistan. The  Metro brand crafts luxury items with luxury designs and sensibility. Their goal is to acquaint Pakistan with the newest styles in fashion. To create an efficient and functional supply chain, they have been trying to close the distance between different regions of the world. They offer different types of bags, such as crossbody bags, shoulder bags, tote bags, laptop bags, cosmetics pouches, and wallets.


Astore has successfully manufactured and sold leather goods for the last ten years. Being an eco-friendly online retailer, they aim to offer their customers premium bags without compromising on quality. Producing enduring, sustainable products is their aim. Their main goal is to use innovation in producing high-quality bags and wallets to attract and retain as many customers as possible. The talented team puts in endless overtime to create unique, exclusive products that set them apart from the competition. Various bags, including backpacks, clutches, laptop bags, bucket bags, shoulder bags, and engraved leather bags, are available.


The best women’s handbags in Pakistan can also be found at Zellbury. Zellbury is another famous and best handbag brand in Pakistan. Zellbury sells PU leather shoulder bags and handbags for women. Local production maintains the same level of quality. Zellbury offers a wide variety of handbags. These branded bags for women are available both online and in stores.

On the whole, the ladies handbag brands in Pakistan combine exceptional craftsmanship with trendsetting designs.

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