How to Calculate Electricity Bill for July 2024?


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How to Calculate Electricity Bill for July 2024?

To meet the demand of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) the government of Pakistan has decided to increase the electricity bills for July 2024.  In a bit of inflation, the new electricity tariff in July 2024 in Pakistan will jack up further with Rs.5.72 in base rates and Rs. 3.41 in fuel charges per unit by July 1.

The government has divided the electricity consumers into two categories protected and non-protected to formate the electricity bills.

The new electricity tariff july 2024 will affect both protected and non-protected consumers.

Switch from Protected to Non-Protected

The consumers whose electricity units will cross the 200-unit limit will be in the category of non-protected and they will pay more.

The consumers who use 200-units in a month exceed the 200-unit limit, so they moved to the non-protected category. They will remain in this category for at least the next six months.

After 6 months, consumers can relapse to the protected category if their electricity units remain within the 200-unit limit.

Here is how to calculate the electricity Bill for 2024

Unit consumption RangeElectricity Per Unite Bill (Rs)Monthly Bill Range (Rs)Category  
Lifeline (1-50)Rs 3.95Rs 200-300Protected Consumers
Lifeline (51-100)Rs 7.74Up to Rs 1,000Protected Consumers
100-200Rs 10Around Rs 2,500 (including adjustments)Protected Consumers  
201-300Rs 27-30 (including taxes)At least Rs 6,000Non-Protected Consumers
301-400Rs 38 (including taxes)Rs 15,000-17,000Non-Protected Consumers
401-500Rs 42+ (including taxes)Above Rs 21,000Non-Protected Consumers
501-600N/AAround Rs 30,000Non-Protected Consumers
601-700N/AMore than Rs 35,000Non-Protected Consumers
Above 700N/AAt least Rs 50,000Non-Protected Consumers
Extra fixed taxes and surcharges will apply to non-protected electricity consumers. For more details stay in touch…

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